The work I do is about self healing and inner transformation, born out of the knowledge that we all already have within us everything we need to heal, grow, and transform ourselves.

I blend my intuitive abilities with a range of gentle alternative healing techniques that encourage an integration of mind, body, and spirit through the essence of munay -- the concept of unconditional love in the Inca Quechua language.

I believe that the essence of who we are is love itself and that all is right in our world when love is flowing freely. This is the language of the heart.

At Munay Holistics I welcome you into an atmosphere of acceptance, compassion, trust and integrity. I offer transformational journeys of cellular healing, holistic life coaching, workshops and retreats, and it would be my honor to hold you in a safe and sacred space and facilitate your healing journey towards joy, peace, freedom and infinite love.

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.
— Helen Keller

At Munay Holistics the following modalities are used to help clear blocks and limitations so that you can achieve your hearts desire:

The Journey™ is a unique blend of guided visualization, meditation, and personal intuition in a safe and sacred space that allows deep release of old stuck emotions, bringing in new awareness and connection to your own inner wisdom and guidance. Learn More

Emotional Freedom Technique is energy medicine at its best, a beautifully simple technique. By tapping a few meridians (energy spots on the body) whilst focusing on an unwanted belief, emotion or physical symptom, amazing emotional freedom is achieved. It’s like magic; it has to be experienced to be believed. Learn More

Family Constellation Work looks at the origins and impact of systemic trauma that may have been handed down for generations within a family. This work can provide the missing link for people who have worked endlessly on themselves but to no avail. Unlocking our unconscious entanglements and unhealthy loyalties to our ancestors can prove incredibly powerful and liberating. Learn More

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Holistic Coaching is highly beneficial for the following issues:

Emotional issues
• Depression
• Panic attacks and anxiety
• Grief and loss
• Low self-esteem/self confidence
• Limiting beliefs
• Money and abundance problems
• Abuse, whether emotional, physical or sexual
• Addictions to drugs, alcohol, work, food, etc

Physical issues
• Digestion problems
• Chronic pain and muscular tension
• Migraines and headaches
• Weight issues, overweight, anorexia, bulimia
• Fertility issues, miscarriage, abortions, adoption
• Trauma release after accidents and injuries
• Auto immune system problems
• Chronic fatigue
• Allergies

Children’s issues
• Behavioral problems, ADD and ADHD
• Childhood illnesses and low immunity
• Sleep problems, nightmares and bedwetting
• Separation anxiety

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