Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is an amazingly simple self-help technique that works by stimulating specific acupressure points through tapping on the skin on different parts of the face, body and hands while bringing an emotional or physical problem to mind. By showing you where to tap and how to use this technique for yourself, a doorway opens to a quick and effective solution for many problems and issues.

The tapping interrupts the existing biological sequences that are involved when a threat-based fight or flight response has been triggered and literally re-patterns and changes the chemistry in the brain. This gives the body permission to switch off its fight-or-flight alarm response and naturally and instantly return to a more harmonious state.

EFT often has quite miraculous effects in clearing troubling emotions, physical symptoms, distressing memories and old trauma, often when all else has failed. It is hugely successful in cases of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, phobias, addictions and much more.

EFT is part of an exciting energy medicine movement sweeping the western world. Pioneered and created by Gary Craig, EFT is based on an ancient understanding of the body as a system of energy. This is not in any way a new discovery. Many ancient cultures and medical traditions have known for centuries that any negative emotion causes a disruption in the body’s energy system creating disease and that healing is restored by moving this energy.

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