NEW for Fall 2017............ Art of Transformation 10 week Course in GOLDEN and INVERMERE!

Every Tuesday from October 17th to 19th December, 2017 in Golden, BC.

Every Friday from 20th October to 22nd December, 2017 in Invermere, BC

Would you like to embark on an intentional journey of transformation guided gently and expertly along the way? Surprises are guaranteed, along with lots of fun, laughter, and illumination.

Two powerful truths that ancient wisdom teachings have laid out throughout the ages are at the heart of this transformative workshop: 

  1. What you are looking for, whether it be more joy, happiness, peace or love, already exists inside you.
  2. No one else's advice or guidance will ever be as valuable as your own genuine insight that comes to you from within.

This course offers you unique opportunities to connect with your own inner wisdom, inspiration, and creativity.  Through unique exercises, activities and guided visualization just the right synergy and optimum conditions are created that will allow you to connect with your own inner resources. These moments of clarity usually come in just an instant and we will show you why and how to repeat them at will.

If you reflect on the significant life decisions, realizations, creative moments and transformational breakthroughs you’ve have experienced in your life thus far you may have noticed that the deepest transformations are always ones that come experientially (often unexpectedly too!) and they always happen inside of yourself. Such transformations are often as a result of taking ourselves outside our usual comfort zones, whether it be through the vehicle of the intellect or through an emotional or physical experience life has challenged us with. The gifts and lessons that come from these experiences are frequently life changing, showing us inner resources we didn’t know we had, treasures that can only be discovered for ourselves.

This course unfolds over ten weeks, consisting of the following elements:

  • Eight group gatherings to be held at my home in Golden or at the Do nothing Floatation Center in Invermere, each lasting about two hours.
  • Weekly topics include; prayer of intention, changing old beliefs, dealing with emotions, gratitude, constellation work, body, mind, spirit, communing with nature, and a final celebration!
  • Coaching support in the form of email/phone calls providing extra inspiration and should you need extra encouragement, or feel stuck in between sessions we are available to help support you in your process.
  • Home study exercises to keep the forward momentum and transformational energy flowing.
  • All relevant course materials.

Cost is $345 Golden and $385 Invermere 

Winter 2018 dates and details are as follows:

October 19th to December 19th. 2017 in Golden BC, Weekly Tuesdays 7-9.30pm at Liza's home 605 Golden Donald Upper Road

October 20th to December 22nd, 2017 in Invermere, BC
TIME : Weekly on Fridays, 7-9:30pm
LOCATION : Do Nothing Floatation Centre, 1036 7th Ave