The Journey™ is a unique blend of guided visualization, NLP/hypnosis, meditation and personal intuition that takes place in a safe and sacred space. It allows deep release of old stuck emotions, bringing in new awareness and connection to your own inner wisdom and guidance.

It is a profound, yet simple process that guides you into the depths of your own essence where you tap into your own infinite body wisdom creating healing of the body, mind and emotions. You open into the radiance of your own essence; into the boundless potential that exists within every one of us.

Within the very heart of any emotion, no matter how painful or how much we may contract away from feeling it, lays the very peace and healing we are longing for. Through guidance and support, you are gracefully led into the heart of your emotions to open into a place of stillness, peace and freedom. It is from this place that cellular healing happens naturally and effortlessly. This process washes you clean on a cellular level leaving you sparkling, pure and full of vitality again - like a clear mountain stream.

“And all of that can get me past this issue?” Yes. It can. It doesn't need to be a long drawn out battle......once the resistance of the mind to let go is met transformation takes place effortlessly and easily. 

Who is The Journey™ for?

Journeywork™ is for anyone who is feeling trapped, blocked or limited by old behaviour patterns, beliefs and unwanted emotions. It's for those who want to get to the root of an issue whether physical or emotional and clear it out on a cellular level once and for all.

How do we meet?

Sessions are conducted by phone, Skype, or in person at my home in Golden, BC. This work is powerful and effective even at a distance, so geography is not a factor. I work with people all over the world.

How many sessions will I need?

Some issues can easily be flushed out in a single session, whereas others of a more complex origin may need 3-5 sessions to really root out everything. Generally speaking, if you have issues around letting go of old childhood trauma that has dogged you much of your adult life then it could take a bit longer. However, after 3-5 sessions you yourself will know if you need to go further. This work is all about self-mastery and self-empowerment. My goal is to guide you to where you feel complete and free.

If you are unfamiliar with this work, I recommend trying a single session to see if it is right for you. I welcome any questions you may have; I would love to hear from you.

Journeywork and EFT fit very well together and both techniques can be used in conjunction with each other to clear your issues and pain.


The Journey™ was founded by Brandon Bays whilst being catapulted into her own remarkable healing journey after being diagnosed with a basketball-sized tumor in her uterus. Her healing journey led her to heal herself completely in six and a half weeks during which time she discovered the means to get direct access to the boundless healing potential inside us all. Her soul searching and amazing personal healing journey gave birth to The Journey™ - now internationally recognized around the world as being on the leading edge of cellular healing techniques.

If it’s peace you seek, are you ready to dive in? Schedule a free consultation.