Saturday, 27th May 2017 in Golden, BC

Discover how to magically and effortlessly manifest your hearts desire.

At this hands-on one day workshop retreat you willl:
*  uncover old limiting beliefs, and hidden unconscious patterns that have acted like silent saboteurs and blocked you creating what you truly want in life.
*  set yourself free from these old blocks and limitations that have been playing like a broken record all your life.
*  discover what is truly your hearts desire through guided meditation and self inquiry processes.
*  gain understanding of the universal principles that underpin all that we create and experience in life, giving you the freedom to consciously create the life you want.
*  discover the secrets to creating abundance and living magically.
*  become the captain of your own ship and the master of your destiny, and sow your own magical abundance seeds.

You will learn about the laws of abundance and how they work according to Deepak Chopra and spend time rooting out old blocks, beliefs, and limitations that have been holding us back from creating the life we desire until now.  

Workshop notes are included along with group follow up support and encouragement as you allow the new to integrate (in the form of group emails). There will be an optional evening gathering three weeks on to celebrate shifts and share abundance manifesting success experiences with each other.

Small group size of 10 people max. Cost is $55.