The Art of Transformation is back!!

Back by popular demand ~ why not dive into some profound and powerful inner work this Fall with my 10 week Art of Transformation course.

I absolutely love hosting this program as I get to watch a small intimate group of brave souls dive into a 10 week adventure together experiencing inner discovery, growth and transformation they would not have believed possible when signing up.

I love to witness trust building, as hearts and souls are bared and the power of loving intention proves its all that is needed to heal as each group member is lovingly held by the group. The incredible healing power of experiencing Oneness, of dissolving ego defenses as Love Conquers All never ceases to amaze me, to humble me as Grace’s presence creates magic and mystery and miracles!

There is a power like nothing else when one or more gather and focus on the intention to positively transform …..these strong prayers of intention create their own momentum which gathers potency as the weeks build on each other. By the end of the 10 weeks I sit back and feel the warm glow of witnessing new friendships being formed, bonds created that will last a lifetime, loneliness being replaced by true community and tribe!

The group of wonderful women who met last Fall continued onto A of T part 2 in the spring and continued to meet all summer long……we are about to dive in to part three Cocooning together!

Come join me on a 10 week adventure!

Go to my Art of Transformation Course page for more details.

Transform. Renew. Inspire. 3 One Day Retreats

I’m delighted to be facilitating 3 one day Constellation retreats along with a free intro talk Friday evening before the day events kick off.

Friday 26th April 7pm……bring a friend and come find out what Constellation is all about. Its a powerful method of healing your family ancestral lineage as well as helping see any life issue from a different perspective.

Saturdays 27th April, 4th May an 11th May we will dive in deeply together and co create a sacred safe container where healing movements take place in ways one can only describe as mystical and phenomenal!

For more information call Liza on 250 344 5206.

The Art of Transformation 10 Week Course

Coming soon for January 2019............ Art of Transformation 10 week Course in GOLDEN

Every Wednesday from January 23rd to 27th March, 2019 in Golden, BC.

This course offers you unique opportunities to learn the tools to transform your life and create inner lasting shifts. Through unique exercises, activities and meditations you will be guided to connect with your own inner resources and learn how to create the life transformations you desire.

Here’s what past participants have to say about The Art of Transformation………….

Isabelle Simard.....“I would absolutely recommend this course....Best 'me' time anyone can give themselves. Liza builds instant trust in the group and she is the most gentle guide. I felt so supported in my journey and i feel healed.”

Cat Gibbs....."For anyone who is ready to open to something a little bit different in their healing process, a bit of mystery perhaps I would definitely recommend this course.....there is definitely something magical about healing in a group. Liza has a quiet strength and wisdom with an incredibly diverse tool box for facilitating healing and inner growth. She has a strong intuitive sense of what might be needed at any given moment by an individual."

Justice Vezina....“Liza! She is an amazing teacher, so kind and gentle but can really dig into the crap that's holding you back in life so you can move forward! Liza was so supportive though out the process of this course and she helped me out so much! 

I'd recommend The Art of Transformation to anyone looking to improve their lives! This course is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who wants to learn, grow and heal. Liza is one of the most beautiful human beings I have ever met. You can tell that she really knows what she is teaching. She is kind, intelligent, patient, selfless, strong and so many more things. Liza is the real deal, she is an amazing teacher/healer.  Yes! Liza can guide you into seeing the things that are holding you back so that you can build a better life for yourself.

The constellation work was seriously ground breaking in this course. I still don't quite understand how it works but it is a powerful healing tool. Participating in the course has not only positively changed my life but it has improved my families life as well! Thank you so much Liza!"

On this course you will discover how to:-

Learn how to create lasting transformation in your life

Release destructive beliefs and old habit patterns

Gain a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment

Live from a place of deep Gratitude

Learn the secrets to manifesting

Relax and live life now, not from some imaginary future

Be led by a sense of wonder and curiosity

Enjoy freedom from anxiety, fear and other life sapping emotions

Experience more creative inspiration, inner peace and harmony

The Course Format :~

The Art of Transformation course will unfold over 10 weeks commencing Wednesday January 23rd to March 27th, 2019 and consisting of the following elements:

Group gatherings (Every Wednesday evening 7-9.30pm) to be held at Liza's home.

Weekly topics include; prayer of intention, changing old beliefs, dealing with emotions, gratitude, constellation work, body, mind, spirit, communing with nature, and final celebration!

Coaching support in the form of email/phone calls providing extra inspiration and should you need extra encouragement, or feel stuck in between session I am available to help support you in your process

Home study exercises to keep the forward momentum and transformational energy flowing

All relevant course materials

Cost is $345

Would you like to embark on an intentional journey of transformation guided gently and expertly along the way? Surprises are guaranteed, along with lots of fun, laughter, and illumination.

What you are looking for, whether it be more joy, happiness, peace or love, already exists inside you.

Winter 2019 dates and details are as follows:

January 23rd to March 27th, 2019
TIME : Weekly on Wednesdays, 7-9:30pm
LOCATION : Liza’s home 605 Golden Donald Upper Road

Meditation and Mantra Evenings

Join Life Coach Liza Hindmarch

For 3 evenings of meditation and mantra

Sunday 3rd, 10th and 17th December 2017

5.30pm til 6.30pm

At Golden Yoga Studio

Are you feeling the pressure of Christmas mounting?

Could you do with some help to calm fraught nerves and pre- Christmas overwhelm?

The dark nights and lack of light pulling you down?

 Come join Liza as she guides you into deep states of peace and inner stillness. Experience the power of mantra and music to enhance a deep letting go of the chatter of the mind.

Cost:~ $45

(drop in fee for single evening participation $20)

Call Liza on 344 5206 or email to register

Art Of Transformation.......are you game?

So last winter a brave group of 7 amazing women gathered in Invermere to embark on a 10 week journey of transformation together with me! Always in awe of people's trust in me, and trust in whatever divine guidance within them draws them to sign up for my course, I excitedly anticipated the magic that I knew would unfold! And indeed it did!

I've run this course 6 times now, with 6 different groups of people and it just keeps on getting yet more and more powerful. I guess it has something to do with the morphic field (Rupert Sheldrake) which each prior participant helps to make even stronger, but from the first evening of this last A of T I just knew the transformations would be tremendous. These brave heroic women dived in deeper than ever before from the very first evening, sharing so deeply with each other it even took them aback! What I love so much about facilitating this course is how readily we are to open our hearts, when a sacred safe space is created, and to genuinely want to support the growth and healing in each other.

As a workshop junkie myself for many years I am no stranger to the strange synchronistic phenomena that takes place when one or more are gathered with like minded intent to heal. Almost miraculously another participant holds up the perfect mirror to reflect to us the very same issue we are grappling with, or to speak the the sharing circle many words of wisdom from the heart are shared mysteriously helping another.........

And we all held each other through the inevitably painful process of shedding old skins and rebirthing into the new! None so profound or intense as one courageous young woman Justice Vezina who has given me permission to share her story and experience of transformation with you below.......

I never cease to be humbled by the strength of spirit and ability we have to survive adversity and not only that but to strive to THRIVE! Justice joined one of many children who had to endure her parents painfully divorcing and it drove her to find relief in the intense feelings in drugs and alcohol at the tender age of 13. Ever since she battled low self esteem and had sadly been in rehab a few times. As an alcoholic she knew how serious her binges were when she fell off the wagon. Which she did after one evening at A of T when the topic of self love and body image were discussed. This tender topic popped open everyone in the group one by one, like popcorn POP, POP, POP! and emotions were raw and exposed. Tears flowed and we all united in the sad state of much women struggle to love and nurture their bodies and self image.

I knew to check in with Justice next day, however sadly I was not quick enough to head off at the pass a drinking binge......Justice was already in hospital when I got a hold of her. Just new to Invermere and with no family or long term friends around she was scared and alone. 

I take my responsibility to hold space for each course participant VERY seriously so with a bit of gentle persuasion Justice agreed to me hopping in the car and zooming to the hospital. Where I witnessed all that is wrong in our shaming our culture is towards people overwhelmed with life, with emotions too big for them to contain or process on their own and who turn to other means of numbing and coping. I found Justice behind a curtain in a lonely hospital bed....and my heart bled for her. How she needed love, non judgment and above all else compassion and empathy. My heart opened to this brave young woman as she told me her story.........

I have always believed love conquers all and indeed it did that day.......she began what was to be a week of transformation almost beyond belief, and beyond her wildest dreams! I drove her to a detox house in Cranbrook where she bravely dried out and was able to rejoin our group the next Friday night where we used a powerful group process to transform deep family entanglements for and with each other. It involved role play but goes way beyond this and the evening was full of phenomenal synchronicity where everyone let go of old baggage that had been holding them back for a very long time.........

Justice let go of feeling responsible for her Dad, and handed back to her Mom symbolically the torch of alcoholism. She was lovingly supported by the rest of the group. She literally looked different the following Friday as did all the group.So much so we all commented on it in amazement!

I am delighted to say Justice flew home the week after the course finished and has been sober ever since! Here's her own words to describe her experience of transformation.......

Maybe it will inspire you to dive in............Art of Transformation in Golden begins 17th October and in Invermere 19th October!

Justice :~  "I knew the course was something that I had to take.

Going though The Art of Transformation has helped me understand and manage my addictions. I feel more grounded and better able to love myself after taking this course! 

I loved how we all got to chose our own personal intention to work with throughout the 7 week workshop. This intention is a beautiful, positive thing that I will always carry with me. I liked that every week was different and that we were supported in a group of people who were all working towards transforming something in their lives.  

I've grown a lot as a person. My relationships with my parents and with myself are much healthier. Taking this course was an investment in myself and it was so very worth it. I didn't know what I was getting into but a transformation has truly taken place in my life. I totally fell apart taking this course but Liza helped me put all my pieces back together and now my life is truly better than ever!

Liza! She is an amazing teacher, so kind and gentle but can really dig into the crap that's holding you back in life so you can move forward! Liza was so supportive though out the process of this course and she helped me out so much! 

I'd recommend The Art of Transformation to anyone looking to improve their lives! This course is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who wants to learn, grow and heal. Liza is one of the most beautiful human beings I have ever met. You can tell that she really knows what she is teaching. She is kind, intelligent, patient, selfless, strong and so many more things. Liza is the real deal, she is an amazing teacher/healer.  Yes! Liza can guide you into seeing the things that are holding you back so that you can build a better life for yourself.

The constellation work was seriously ground breaking in this course. I still don't quite understand how it works but it is a powerful healing tool. Participating in the course has not only positively changed my life but it has improved my families life as well! Thank you so much Liza!"

UPDATE JULY 6 months on........

"Hi Liza

So it's been 5 months already since I took the Art of Transformation course! I am really so thankful that I found you and took part in this healing program. I'm still flabbergasted about the constellation work! It was so amazing, I'm still feeling the effects and it has truly helped me so much. You're such an amazing women and I hope everything is going great for you in the mountains 💗 💗 💗 Manitoba is treating me well and I'm doing really awesome. I've been sober since the program and mostly succeeding in a healthy lifestyle 😊 I am heading down to Costa Rica in November to get my Yoga Teacher Training, so I'm very excited.  Well anyway, just wanted to say Thank you so much again from the bottom of my heart, people like you make this world so much brighter.

Thank you thank you thank you

Peace and Love


New Year.........New Beginnings!

As I say goodbye to 2015 and welcome in 2016 I am excited to be seeing a long standing dream realized to work in collaboration under the same roof with other amazing alternative health practitioners in my home town Golden, BC. 

My friend and colleague Nathalie Bertrand has also shared this dream with me for years and I am delighted to say she's found the perfect spot in downtown Golden to set up a new location for a team of us to work from. 

It's called Nourish Clinic and is opening its doors to people on the 19th January in an Open House Warming from 4-7pm to be found on 806 Park Drive (just around the corner from Element Therapeutics and the yoga Studio, so a hop and a skip from the other amazing alternative practitioners in town we will also be promoting wholeheartedly.) 

Meet the Team!

With a focus on nourishing mind body and spirit I am so excited to be able to refer my clients to these amazing practitioners who know just how to heal your body...... 

Nathalie Betrand is an amazing Remedial Massage Therapist who specializes in releasing and resolving pain and chronic conditions that have otherwise not responded to treatment. Nathalie believes in an approach focused on targeted tissue release, underlying causes and long-term change, rather than temporary symptom relief.  Pending certification as a registered therapist in BC Nathalie is currently enrolled at the Canadian College of Osteopathy. 250.439.8479

Mark McKenzie is an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner who uses gentle manual therapies, within a holistic approach, to treat a variety of issues, mainly muscle and joint pain. 250.939.8137

Judith Thibault is a Holistic Nutritional Coach.  Her vision is to empower people to take charge of their own health and make simple nutritional changes that will support them, their entire life! She believes in the abilities of our own bodies to connect with nature at the source, while following a synchronisitic path of making a difference towards the good of others, and our earth. 

Kerri Lautamus massage and bodywork. Kerri creates a unique treatment for each client, with the goal of providing the perfect balance between relaxation and therapeutic massage for each individual. She draws from her knowledge of Reflexology, Jin Shin Do, Thai and Ayurvedic Massage, as well as her training from the Foothills College of Massage Therapy. Each session will leave you feeling calm, centered and re-balanced.

Randa Sultan is a Qigong and Energy Healing Practitioner and you can expect profound and lasting effects from this alternative approach to healing.

And myself Liza Hindmarch with my Holistic Life Coaching tool bag full of energy psychology tricks! including EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) Family Constellation work (tracing & releasing the origins of issues by uncovering unconscious loyalties we may be carrying from our ancestors and family of origin, often with miraculous helaing effects!) and The Journey (a gentle yet powerful guided vizualization approach which releases old cell memory to make space for effortless healing to take place).

I have always referred clients to others for body I can do so with new enthusiasm knowing we are all to be found under the same roof! 

Come and join us at our Open House Warming for wine, raw chocolate and tea and take up our amazing promotional offer of $99 for mind body spirit healing with myself and two of my collaegues! 3 sessions with 3 of us for just $99! Amazing value for money and a great way to start off your new year and ensure those new years resolutions don't go by the wayside! 

I hope to see you there! 

Happy New Year! Liza



A Taste of Bali

It's Monday morning, but you have no meetings to attend, no family members to care for; today all you must do is find your center. You start by attending the daily morning yoga class, with a warm sea breeze passing through the open walls. After a breakfast of fresh organic foods grown on site, you gather with your newfound community and settle in for the playful work of transforming your life. 

By the time the afternoon rolls around, you've had a breakthrough or two and you're ready to explore the town of Sukawati, cruise the expansive beaches moments from the resort, or fully unwind with a spa treatment. Having met your own unique desires for the day, you reunite with the kind faces of your new friends and enjoy a sharing circle, a delicious meal of local flavor, and an evening meditation. As you rest your head on the soft pillow that night, you feel more connected to you, the real you, than you have in a long time. 

This is a little taster of some of what is in store for you should you feel the inner calling to join me on my upcoming Art of Transformation Retreat in Bali, Indonesia 28 January to 5th February 2016. I've teamed up with Clear Retreats to offer this amazing opportunity, check it out at

There's possibly no better place to transform spiritually and we have teamed up with Floating Leaf Eco Luxury Retreat spa center, a 5 star resort, to provide the best in luxurious accommodation and amazing cuisine during your stay. You will experience a Water Purification Ceremony at one of the Sacred Temples and have an oppportunity to have a private healing session with one of Bali's best healers! 

Transform your life, let Bali help.


Do you feel unfulfilled, stuck, or could just do with an infusion of more joy and happiness? This retreat will help you master the ability to transform any area of your life, whether it be personal relationships, career, health and fitness, or simply fulfilling a wish for more inner peace and harmony.

For seven amazing days at the end of January, we'll combine rest and relaxation with deep self-inquiry, spiritual Balinese ceremony, meditation, Family Constellations, journaling, and group work and play to create lasting change in your life.

Why is this going to be great for you?

Well, for one thing, it's in BALI! In a village beside the sea, with a deeply spiritual culture, kind locals, and a thriving artisan community. Luxurious accommodations, sunshine, fresh air, and tasty organic food, these are all great things too. 

Beyond the obvious draw of Bali, this retreat is going to rock your world because of it's unique combination of pampering and transformational coaching done in a group setting. 

You will leave this retreat in Bali
  - feeling inspired and spiritually awakened
  - with tools to transform your life consciously
  - a greater sense of inner clarity and wisdom
  - having busted through negative beliefs, block, and limitations

This location is top notch.

We've teamed up with Floating Leaf Eco-Luxury Retreat Centre for this retreat. Located in Sukawati, Floating Leaf is moments from the beach, just 20 minutes from the incredible city of Ubud, and less than an hour from the international airport, Bali Ngurah Rai (DPS).

The retreat center combines ancient Balinese wisdom with modern luxury, and in so doing provides a safe place for relaxation, personal transformation, and a return to balanced wellness. The center has a Balinese spa, a healing pool, and an open-air Yoga Sanctuary with views of the Indian Ocean and Mount Agung Volcano. The organic permaculture garden supplies and inspires a private chef, who prepares flavorful and nutritious meals, juices, and snacks in the open kitchen. 

This is what's included......

  • Luxury accommodations for seven restful nights (double occupancy with two beds)*
  • Seven delicious breakfasts at Floating Leaf
  • Seven beautiful dinners, either at Floating Leaf or in town
  • Balinese cooking class, in preparation for one of our dinners
  • Six healthy nourishing lunches, either at Floating Leaf or out
  • Six morning yoga sessions
  • Five morning Art of Transformation group sessions
  • Four evening meditations followed by sacred sharing circles
  • One spa treatment or massage at Floating Leaf
  • One full day Family Constellation group experience
  • Purification ceremony at Tirta Empul Holy Water Temple
  • Visit to Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud
  • Traditional dance performance
  • Transportation to and from airport
  • Transportation for our day trips

Got you tempted yet? More blogs to come soon on my experiences in Bali in 1999 when I studied sacred space clearing there with Karen Kingston and discovered all sorts of amazing aspects of their culture which is steeped in spiritual practice ritual and ceremony. 

If you don't have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true.........happy, happy talking, talk about things you like to do............ (lyrics from some song growing up as a kid! anyone know who sang them?)

Phoenix Rising!

There’s a quote from a favorite little book of mine that has been coming to mind for me lots lately……it’s from Illusions by Richard Bach……

“You teach best what you most need to learn”

This truth really is what has inspired the whole of my life’s work, especially my coaching work and is the inspiration behind my Art of Transformation Course. I brought to it all the learning, wisdom and self-help tools that have helped me on my path in life. My first big learning came from the kids with emotional and behavioral problems I used to work with back in the 90’s. My role was teacher to them but really they were the ones who taught me well……..taught me about how each and every one of us no matter how ‘dysfunctional’, no matter how much we act out in life due to our inner chaos and struggles, is worthy of being positively regarded, of being unconditionally loved. They inspired me beyond words these youngsters who had the balls to be angry, to dare to act out their hurt and pain, to go joy ride and glue sniff to get their highs and escape their pain ~ for a short while. They were surviving as best they knew how.

And really who was it who had emotional and behavioral problems? Them or society’s judgment of them? Weren’t they simply trying to let everyone know of their inner pain in the only way they knew how? I believe so.

I didn’t realize why I admired them so much til recently when on my own inner path of transformation (yes, I walk my talk and my head gets held in the fires of transformation more than any of you who are brave enough to engage with me! How else would I have earned the right for you to put your faith and trust in me as so many of you have, and continue to do.  There’s nothing I haven’t first fully tested out on myself that I won’t guide you through holding your hand. If it doesn’t work on me then it’s chucked out! Fast! And when I am not on my game I take time out to re find my balance….as I have done recently. My integrity is vital to my work…… pay me to show up and be fully present with open heart to your pain and my guarantee to you is to do so )

These young warriors had the courage to let their pain, and trauma, come out. Albeit destructive at times, but at least it was being given expression which is healthy! I have become aware lately of the true extent to which my early childhood was completely and utterly suppressive of my innate organic nature. To survive I literally had to stuff my fear, my anger my sadness……..each and every feeling except the ones acceptable to my parents and teacher, and well, everyone really! I was conditioned to be a ‘good girl’ to please others and gain their approval. I am only now beginning to contact those places within my body where these suppressed feelings have been stored for 48 years! And it’s been intense. I get now why the solar plexus chakra is where we hold our power, our self-esteem. Those old Indian gurus who named the chakras did know a thing or two. I have been discovering the ‘fizzy explosion feeling’ in my tummy is actually my anger, my stuffed suppressed power and in all honesty it scares the shit out of me still. But I know my work is to befriend it, to listen to what story it wants to tell me about how terrifying childhood was a lot of the time. And how it’s safe now to let it have expression. 

This past year has seen me walk a path of purification I had no idea was possible to walk…..and this time my prayer had been a fierce one! What happens when your deepest prayer is for freedom, inner liberation and enlightened realization? First and foremost all your prior ego strategies of survival must be stripped away, so the illusion of the personality and psyche gets shattered into a million little pieces. It’s not pretty to stare head on into the shadow and reflect fully on the destruction and pain its caused to self and others. Then all attachment to everything dear and clung to is also stripped away, leaving you……in the dark night of the soul and with no idea of who you really are! In the times of surrender into this void of feeling a nothing and a nobody I have amidst the terror, experienced small glimpses of the peace that I imagine those enlightened masters reside in all the time. Then all too soon its gone again! Leaving me with the realization that a mediation practice is called just that for a reason…..because it takes practice and dedication! And coming back to the meditation cushion over and over again, practicing mindfulness, watching my thoughts race and holding onto the knowledge that I am not my thoughts is the thread I hold onto that is pulling me out of this trap of the mind.

So…… case any of you are wondering if I am on my game still, despite my own life disintegrating and being transformed into something new, then yes…….depends on what your perspective is on growth and transformation and what you are looking for in a guide!

Yes I am back on my game in that I am able again to be fully present to others pain and sit with open hearted compassion whilst they find their own healing movements. And yes, the shifts just keep on getting deeper for people……maybe because I have more depth of compassion from my own inner journeys of transformation of late? Who knows……it’s a mystery to me how all this works. Because in truth, what I offer to people comes through me, is not of me. I simply show up with a desire to be of service in some way.

If you just want fluffy nice happy transformation then this maybe isn’t the place for you to come seek support……the path I offer is one that at times is ruthless in its pursuit of freedom, and there are no guarantees as to where you’ll find yourself. But one thing is for sure……I’ll hold you in a container of trust, deep respect and love. And I’ll bring every ounce of compassion and honoring to your courage to dare to dive in with me. To see what is on the other side of pain and suffering when all resistance to what is is let go of.

Maybe it will birth you into bliss, freedom, peace…..enlightenment! It’s my prayer for you as it is my prayer for me.

Anyone brave enough out there to sign up for The Art of Transformation this fall? I have….signed up that is! Been doing the art of transformation all my life really!

Hope you may feel the inner calling to join me in the fires too…….that phoenix awaits you!

Art of T Dates for Autumn 2015

This autumn I'll be offering two rounds of the popular 10 week course, The Art of Transformation. Join me for some powerful work in Golden or Invermere, and finish off 2015 with a bang.

October 2 through December 4, 2015 in Invermere, BC
TIME : Weekly on Fridays, 7-9:30pm
LOCATION : Do Nothing Floatation Centre, 1036 7th Ave
COST : $385

October 5 through December 7, 2015 in Golden, BC
TIME : Weekly on Mondays, 7-9:30pm
LOCATION : Munay Holistics, 605 Golden Donald Upper Road
COST : $325 Early Bird, $385 after September 15

“I would absolutely recommend this course....Best 'me' time anyone can give themselves. Liza builds instant trust in the group and she is the most gentle guide. I felt so supported in my journey and i feel healed.”

— Isabelle Simard

Emotions - The Gateway to Healing

Many of us view our emotions as a hassle, an obstacle to be wrestled with, to go into battle with. But what if they offer a greater possibility? What if emotions provide the gateway into our very own essence; a doorway into enlightenment even? Now that's a new perspective that’s worth exploring, right?

What if our emotions are actually our own essence crying out to us, inviting us to come back home to ourselves? What if they are the vehicle to carry us back into the love and wisdom that is the best part of ourselves? What if the enlightenment you are seeking is right here, right now, in the very core of your worst emotions?

Brandon Bays talks about a life changing experience she had in the early 1990's whilst with one of her enlightened teachers. It went on to form the basis of the mind-body therapeutic healing work for which The Journey™ has become renowned worldwide. I’d like to share it with you here.

On answering a question from a woman about what to do with unwanted emotions the enlightened teacher simply advised her "do not move, stay completely still" if you stay still and open right into the core of any emotion you are feeling, there you will find the peace you are seeking. Peace is waiting right in the very heart of your torment. Stay still and discover what remains when all anguish and torment has been welcomed”. Brandon watched the woman drop through layers of emotion and hit what looked like complete and utter fear of annihilation, which she eventually surrendered to and then the most extraordinary unexpected thing happened. Brandon watched as peace swept over the woman’s face and she began to weep. She'd found the peace that exists right in the heart of everything. Brandon was baffled! After all, hadn't we been conditioned to run away from emotions, to overcome them, and control them ~ but never to go directly into the heart of them? She decided to give it a go herself and discovered that in the very core of any contractive emotion is indeed the very liberation and peace we seek. We just need to be fully present to it and to let go of the story. When we let emotions just pass through us, we find ourselves opening into a peace, a grace that is omnipresent and always there beneath our emotions, our story, waiting to welcome us home.

Is it time to befriend your emotions? Is it time to come home? Would you like the key to unlock the infinite within you?

The role of a Journey™ Practitioner is to skillfully guide you through and past any fear, struggle or resistance that naturally comes up when we step beyond the ego and go into those scary emotions. The ego, or monkey mind, loves to have something to struggle with and likes to create a story, which we can get attached to like our life depends upon it. As practitioner, my role is to encourage you to drop the story and dive right into the heart of whatever emotion is here and to relax and surrender to it fully. If it’s peace you seek; are you ready to dive in?

Learn more about working with me through Journey™ here.