I specialize in helping people to create lasting shifts rapidly and organically by getting to the root of an issue and removing blocks to healing through a variety of gentle self inquiry techniques and mindfulness. The techniques are proven to be gentle, fast, and effective – creating permanent results that often astound people with their simplicity. An integrated mind-body approach allows people to release on the deepest of levels - the cellular level - where emotional and physical trauma are stored.

Your only problem is you havent yet found the root cause of your pain. Thats what well do together.

Every client is welcomed into a customized circle of care. No two people share the exact same constellation of history, context, and struggles. Stock prescriptions and general advice just won’t do. Your heart, and your transformation, is unique. This work meets you at that level. Your process will be unique since all healing is ultimately self-healing – my role as an expert facilitator is to guide you back into alignment with your own inner wisdom and to provide the optimum environment for you to heal yourself.

Whether you’re drawn to this work by a physical or emotional struggle, all facets of the self will be affected for the better. Healing cannot help being a holistic transformation.

An effortless return to peace and happiness can be yours too. 

•   Surprise yourself with how effortless internal problem-solving can be!
•   Feel like you’re finally in control of your mind again - stop being ruled by that nagging and disorienting inner voice
•   Find the confidence to step forward in your life, and watch, dreams really do come true
•   Watch people taking note that there’s suddenly “something different about you…. you’re glowing!”
•   Make positive changes in your relationships - even the ones you think are too entrenched and too complicated to change

To find out more about the ways we can work together, browse the healing modalities below, or contact me for your initial free phone consultation.