Family Constellation is a method of unearthing the intelligence of the collective field (often called 'the knowing field’ in this work) to help re-organize energies within a family system that are operating in a disharmonious way. This method can also be used with any kind of system: a working environment, our natural world, or anything we would like illumination and a different perspective about.

Sometimes unconsciously, without being aware of it, we can be carrying issues that are not ours, issues that instead originated many generations ago in our family of origin. Oftentimes challenging life events and even illnesses we experience in life are related to the larger family system that we are a part of. When an issue in our lives remains unresolved, despite all our efforts to overcome it, often the solution may be found instead by turning to our ancestors.

Examples of issues that can be resolved through Constellations are :
• Family disharmony and repeating patterns
• Inherited health issues that may originate with an ancestor
• Nature and environmental conflicts
• Any block that is currently obscuring your path in life

This work can be done either in private sessions or group workshops.

In its simplest form the process involves you, the seeker, expressing your intention for healing. I may ask you for some details about your family of origin with my focus being to look for incidents in the past that may have set up an energetic resonance that is creating disharmony. We then appoint representatives, which could be members of a group workshop or within a private exercise, for the family members in your lineage. We then hold space with a great deal of intention and awareness, and sit back astonished as subtle but insightful information makes itself known.

The family system will reveal, with incredible accuracy, not only where the imbalances are but also what needs to happen for healing and resolution to take place. As entanglements and ancestral traumas are released, the flow of love is restored to a family system, and you get to enjoy the amazing ripple effects in the real people who were being represented.

I am a trained Constellation facilitator having studied with and completed Francesca Mason Boring’s training in Family, Human and Natural Systems Constellation and Constellation as Ceremony Facilitator Training in 2011, and studied in 2014 with Vivian Broughton following the methodology of Franz Rupert’s work on trauma, attachment and bonding and using the constellation of intention as a focus.


Modern epigenetic studies are discovering that not only do we inherit the DNA structure from our ancestors but that we also carry an emotional resonance, a memory of experiences our ancestors went through that is also passed down from one generation to another. Hardships our ancestors endured also influence and impacts our own life experiences today.

Often when an issue remains unresolved, the solution may often be found by looking through a Constellation at what has been energetically passed down from one generation to the next in the form of unresolved trauma, family secrets and the “black sheep of the family” syndrome.

Bert Hellinger, the founder of this work, discovered that once these are brought to light these unhealthy attachments and loyalties can be released and love can begin to flow in healthy ways again.

This unique form of psychotherapy could be the key to problems and solutions that have and can extend well beyond your lifetime, with remarkably powerful effect. Schedule a free consultation to find out more.