Easily the most worthwhile thing I have done in this life. From the courage to open my heart I have been paid back a hundred fold. Only one year ago, I never thought I could be like this, feel this way, have these new thoughts in my head. It’s hard to believe so much wonderful change could have been so effortless. The Journey process is like nothing else, and the results are truly incredible.

I was trapped in the same old patterns, the same old reactions, carrying around the same old hurt in my most precious relationships. When the stress and anxiety started to show up in physical ways, I knew something had to change. I was determined to improve things, and with an iron will I sought out every answer, turned to every book and view on healing. Everything I tried kept me in my head, where I only knew one way to fight my problems. Liza and the journey work cut out all the noise and went beyond my head straight into my heart. That’s when the beautiful simplicity of it all, the peace, the change ~ it all started flooding in.

It’s not a learning process like we are used to. You won’t be told what to think, how you should feel, how better to interpret your situation. Liza is your guide to finding the truth in yourself. You will be amazed at the wisdom and calm ready to be found. It will gently bubble up from within, and effortlessly shift your reality. A new space opens up, where such abundant happiness is possible.

Liza’s expertise is undeniable. She is so thoroughly kind, respectful, unassuming, supportive and passionately devoted to the work she does. You can put your trust in her unconditionally. I am so grateful that I was willing to give it a try. What far reaching effects have come out of it. I would recommend this work to anyone ~ don’t wait!
— Katie Gertsch

Liza taught me the incredible power of EFT and tapping! It was really amazing how quickly negative emotions dissolve and new exciting positive emotions replace them. Liza is so fun to work with that by the time our session was over I was feeling much lighter than before and totally free of those boring negative emotions. Thanks again Liza!
— Ryan Pinkney

Thanks for creating such an open, compassionate and welcoming environment. I felt very safe and able to just go with what happened (let the tears flow, shake my hands, etc). I loved that you were so encouraging during the process and made me feel like everything I was doing was exactly right. I think that really helped keep my mind from thinking and taking over. You intuitively knew what questions to ask and where to take things next to bring me to a peaceful resolution. Thank you for sharing your gift!
— Kristy Putnam

Your sensitivity towards others is a great gift to us all. I celebrate you and the profoundly healing work you have come here to do. You are a natural at Journeywork, and your love, integrity and compassion provide powerful tools.
— Anita Arsenault
For anyone who is ready to open to something a little bit different in their healing process, a bit of mystery perhaps I would definitely recommend this course.....there is definitely something magical about healing in a group. Liza has a quiet strength and wisdom with an incredibly diverse tool box for facilitating healing and inner growth. She has a strong intuitive sense of what might be needed at any given moment by an individual.
— Cat Gibbs

I have had such incredibly amazing transformation in my life through the work I have done with Liza!!
In the past 7 years I have worked with Liza in various aspects, including direct counselling, group course work (specifically the Art of Transformation), and so much more.

Liza, has such gentle grace about her, a way of putting one at ease immediately. Even through deep intense personal inner work, I felt it was gentle yet so powerful in the outcomes of my personal transformation.

As I sit here and write, I am realizing how far I have come through my work with Liza. I am truly living the life I have always felt I deserved to be living! A life of truth, of integrity, making my goals and dreams come into full manifestation!

I am realizing more and more how much I am really doing it! I am manifesting my hearts calling. I am understanding what my heart needs to feel full, to feel the abundance that truly is freedom from suppression.

With gratitude beyond measure.
— Karen Christakos

This unique and empowering work is beyond description; it must be experienced. The journey process is honest, noninvasive and healing in ways that have unexpected, yet profound effects. Brandon Bays has discovered a therapeutic process that allows us to become aware of and connect with our true selves, which is both healing and liberating. As a practitioner, Liza emanates professionalism, integrity and intelligence, while at the same time interacting with an unparalleled gentleness that settles and reassures. She is a wonderful practitioner and I would recommend her to anyone.
— Nevada Christianson

I have definitely moved ahead from where I was. I really was feeling stuck when I met you; I had been feeling stuck and miserable for 2 years; so YIPPEE!! I feel lighter and happier. I have been able to let go or so it feels like something as “let go” of me. The grief and sadness has very much lessened. Thank you so much!
— Jane Fearing

I find that when you take me on journeys that you are so gentle and comforting that I feel so safe with you. I trust you and that is HUGE for me. Thank you for the most uplifting experience.
— Salena Gaetz
I would absolutely recommend this course. To skeptics and believers and everyone in between. We are a reflection of the stories we tell ourselves ~ to pull away the onion layers and find a new story to tell ourselves is the most liberating thing in the world. Give this gift to yourself.

Liza’s gentle but highly intuitive guidance is powerful beyond words. The group dynamic that forms under her care is what I enjoyed the most. She has an incredible gift of intuition, a kind & gentle understanding of human behavior, a sincere desire to guide people through transformation and a huge tool kit of exercises and activitites to unearth what is deep inside. Liza is the most sincere and grounded person I’ve ever known. Completely free of judgment she is the perfect person to offer coaching services.

I am profoundly grateful for this course and for Liza’s impressive command of the 10 weeks of material. I know I will look back on this as a pivotal moment in my life.
— Joanne McCullough

Thank you so much for giving me the freedom, security and support to feel so vulnerable while being let to a place back in my childhood. A place which I needed to re-experience in order to come to accept the situation and dissolve the pain it had created.
— Vreni Tobler

My prayer of intention has been manifested on so many levels. I start out my day with gratitude. My unmothered child has been recognized and embraced and changes have manifested so I can work at nurturing her. I have made a connection with my Mother’s unconditional love. I am beginning to trust and believe in people.
— Leslie Parent

I would absolutely recommend this course....Best “me” time anyone can give themselves. Liza builds instant trust in the group and she is the most gentle guide. I felt so supported in my journey and i feel healed.
— Isabelle Simard

Be ready for your deepest dream to happen in an unexpected time and way, when you learn to let go. Thank you Liza, for creating this abundance workshop. It’s an amazing experience that keeps on giving.
— Judith Thibault