How long until Health and Wellness?

When we're unwell, many of us ask this simple question: How long will it take for me to return to health and wellness? Everyone is an individual and we all have very different personality types and approaches to life.

As a general rule of thumb the more dynamic a person you are, the more motivated and less afraid of emotional catharsis you are then the faster you will experience changes and shifts towards the health and wellness you desire. The longer you have had a physical condition or been suffering from emotional difficulties the longer it will take for you to return to health and wellness - simply because all the habitual patterns of behavior, thought, beliefs, along with stuck emotions, become more and more entrenched over time and will need more time to peel away. My approach is to be guided by you, the client - this is your healing journey and it needs to be at a pace that you are comfortable with. My philosophy is the opposite of no pain no gain! So often the reason why we have created disease in our bodies or are suffering from emotional conflict is to protect ourselves in someway from something or some life experience that has been too harsh, painful and overwhelming so it is vitally important that as we are taking steps to heal old wounds we be very gentle and respectful towards the old armoring that has just been trying to protect us. The more gently we can go the better and you will be the best judge of the pace you need. My role is just to facilitate your healing journey, to support and encourage you and shine the light on the truth of who you really are.