Celebrating Women

In celebration of Women and the power of women gathering together in old traditional ways...I'd like to invite you to join a free once monthly Women's Sharing Circle gathering here in my home on the first Tuesday of every month.

Maybe it's just me but sometimes I find myself longing for the old feeling as a kid growing up feeling really held and a part of my tribe, my family, my community....and maybe this longing goes even further back than that?

Back to the times when we lived a more tribal life.....where Women's Moon Lodges were commonplace....where families lived their whole lives together in community rarely being separated by physical geography. Times when we lived without this sense of isolation, where a difficulty in one's life was embraced by the whole tribe.....where we always felt held and not alone in the world.

So many people I see in my one on one consultation work firstly have to overcome so much imagined shame, embarrassment and feeling that there is something wrong with them, that they are imperfect or failing somehow to be struggling with whatever challenge life has thrown at them. I can SO identify with these feelings myself....having the same blocks to push past when I go to seek help for myself.

And I often wonder if women used to feel these ways in the old days.....or if it is a product of our modern world. Where advertising and super models shame us all too easily.

I've SO enjoyed sitting in circle with a wonderful group of women this fall and winter. As part of our Art of Transformation group gatherings we used the ancient native tradition of circle sharing technology....and it's been so wonderfully healing and transformative for us all.

And I realized its become such an integral important part of my life and as the course nears an end it has dawned on me that I'm not ready to be without the experience of women sharing together in my life.....so I've decided to put it out there to all the AMAZING women I know (you being one of them!) and see who would like to co-create a powerful group of Women supporting each other on our earth walks....wanna take a walk with me?

I have no idea where it will lead us to.......all I do know is it FEELS SO GOOD to be truly listened to, heard.....seen......and accepted without judgment for who I am.

This circle technology that's been passed down for centuries is very simple, yet profoundly healing and involves passing a talking stick around the circle with the one rule that whoever has the stick is the only one to speak. No-one else interrupts but listens with deep respect to the wisdom coming from our fellow sisters. And as we each sink into the gifts of truly listening.....from our hearts, without the need to judge or jump in or give opinions or fix.....that act of simply speaking from our hearts....and being listened to.....we sense how interconnected we truly are as women.

Women living our lives as best we can, meeting the challenges and initiations brought by the passage of time through the stages of sisterhood......the maiden, the mother, and the crone. 

This circle is for women of all ages.....all are welcome here. 

Do you hear the calling........?

It would be my deep honor to sit with you in circle...........