Fall-ing In

Fall is the time of the Air Element in ancient Ayurvedic tradition and is responsible for the wind that begins to blow within us as our focus shifts from the Fire element of Summer with all it’s outward busy-ness, as we find ourselves drawn mysteriously inwards again and we begin to become aware of an inner restlessness stirring within.

Air and fall are times of preparation and great importance as they begin to stir up the sediment at the bottom of the lake bringing to the surface anything we need to take into the bear like time of introspection of Winter and the Earth element that inevitably follows.

Once I consciously woke up to this natural seasonal flow that was all around me and went on regardless of whether or not I was aware of it, I found I naturally, and effortlessly began to harmonize with it rather than run my old familiar script of going into battle with that unsettled feeling of sadness that Fall brought with it (Why can’t summer holidays last forever Mum? Do I have to go back to school?!) And so I noticed my life process began to flow more effortlessly, and a new richness entered my life. After all what we resists persists and the carefree abandon of summer cannot last forever right?

So for me, now, Fall is a special time ~ a time of endings and harvesting the summer’s bounty and preparing for the start of the new cycle of death to my old self and renewal that I know will surely follow suit. The perfect time to offer you all exciting opportunities, to join me in jumping in to explore with conscious awareness all the treasures waiting to be discovered within your own ‘Fall Inner Stirrings’.

What is beginning to stir within you?

What is the air shaking loose? What are you feeling restless about?

What are your inner winds bringing up for your attention?

I look forward so much to any way I can support you on your life’s path this fall, as the magic of the season begins to make itself known to you.