Are there physical effects of Journey work?

Sometimes people do experience physical symptoms of healing in the form of detoxification after releasing old cell memory and this can vary from person to person and depends on what physical condition was created in your body to store old emotions and trauma.

Everyone is different so it’s impossible to predict ahead of time what may happen to you after a journey process. Common detox symptoms that others have experienced do include however; mild flu and cold like symptoms; aches and pains; fever; headaches; digestion upsets; tiredness etc however these usually pass within a couple of days leaving you feeling better than ever before. The body has an amazing ability to self regulate and heal itself, and although these symptoms can be uncomfortable they are an important part of your healing journey and I encourage clients to allow whatever needs to happen to happen. I give advice to people on how they can support their bodies and speed up this detoxification process if it occurs and encourage clients to contact me if this should occur so as I can provide support.