New Year.........New Beginnings!

As I say goodbye to 2015 and welcome in 2016 I am excited to be seeing a long standing dream realized to work in collaboration under the same roof with other amazing alternative health practitioners in my home town Golden, BC. 

My friend and colleague Nathalie Bertrand has also shared this dream with me for years and I am delighted to say she's found the perfect spot in downtown Golden to set up a new location for a team of us to work from. 

It's called Nourish Clinic and is opening its doors to people on the 19th January in an Open House Warming from 4-7pm to be found on 806 Park Drive (just around the corner from Element Therapeutics and the yoga Studio, so a hop and a skip from the other amazing alternative practitioners in town we will also be promoting wholeheartedly.) 

Meet the Team!

With a focus on nourishing mind body and spirit I am so excited to be able to refer my clients to these amazing practitioners who know just how to heal your body...... 

Nathalie Betrand is an amazing Remedial Massage Therapist who specializes in releasing and resolving pain and chronic conditions that have otherwise not responded to treatment. Nathalie believes in an approach focused on targeted tissue release, underlying causes and long-term change, rather than temporary symptom relief.  Pending certification as a registered therapist in BC Nathalie is currently enrolled at the Canadian College of Osteopathy. 250.439.8479

Mark McKenzie is an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner who uses gentle manual therapies, within a holistic approach, to treat a variety of issues, mainly muscle and joint pain. 250.939.8137

Judith Thibault is a Holistic Nutritional Coach.  Her vision is to empower people to take charge of their own health and make simple nutritional changes that will support them, their entire life! She believes in the abilities of our own bodies to connect with nature at the source, while following a synchronisitic path of making a difference towards the good of others, and our earth. 

Kerri Lautamus massage and bodywork. Kerri creates a unique treatment for each client, with the goal of providing the perfect balance between relaxation and therapeutic massage for each individual. She draws from her knowledge of Reflexology, Jin Shin Do, Thai and Ayurvedic Massage, as well as her training from the Foothills College of Massage Therapy. Each session will leave you feeling calm, centered and re-balanced.

Randa Sultan is a Qigong and Energy Healing Practitioner and you can expect profound and lasting effects from this alternative approach to healing.

And myself Liza Hindmarch with my Holistic Life Coaching tool bag full of energy psychology tricks! including EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) Family Constellation work (tracing & releasing the origins of issues by uncovering unconscious loyalties we may be carrying from our ancestors and family of origin, often with miraculous helaing effects!) and The Journey (a gentle yet powerful guided vizualization approach which releases old cell memory to make space for effortless healing to take place).

I have always referred clients to others for body I can do so with new enthusiasm knowing we are all to be found under the same roof! 

Come and join us at our Open House Warming for wine, raw chocolate and tea and take up our amazing promotional offer of $99 for mind body spirit healing with myself and two of my collaegues! 3 sessions with 3 of us for just $99! Amazing value for money and a great way to start off your new year and ensure those new years resolutions don't go by the wayside! 

I hope to see you there! 

Happy New Year! Liza