Family Constellation Workshop

I am offering an introductory evening explaining what Family Constellation work Saturday evening (June 2, 2012) for anyone who is curious to know more and there will also be a live demonstration of a couple of constellations as well. 

Family Constellation is a unique way to gain deeper understanding of any issue we may have. Without being aware of it sometimes we carry issues that are not ours, issues that instead originated generations ago within our family line. Often when an issue remains unresolved despite our efforts to overcome it the solution can often be found by looking through a Constellation at what has been energetically passed down from one generation to the next.

The unseen driving forces behind our issues often have their roots in our family of origin and are often linked to entanglements and unconscious loyalties to our ancestors whether dead or alive. Once these are brought to light in the unique way that a Constellation offers these unhealthy attachments and loyalties can be released and love can begin to flow in healthy ways again.....harmony being established once again to both seeker and their extended family system. This work is profound and touches not just ourselves on the deepest levels of the soul but ripples out to affect all our ancestors in beneficial and healing ways.

Constellations are not limited to just personal family of origin issues, any issue can be illuminated through this unique method of inquiry ranging from relationship, health, trauma, nature, and even business issues.

I am a trained Constellation facilitator having studied with and completed Francesca Mason Boring’s training in Family, Human & Natural Systems Constellation and Constellation as Ceremony Facilitator Training in 2011.  If you would like to know more about what Family Constellation work is all about then please scroll down to read more about this incredibly powerful healing work.

Pre registration is required. Call 344 5206 or email to reserve your spot.