Stone Circles and Ancestors

I'm back in the land of my roots, springtime. Daffodils abound as I enjoy hiking some of my favorite old haunts in the Lake District where I lived for 8 years before emigrating to Canada. The little baby lambs are hoping about the fields and a beautiful white swan came and joined me by the edge of ullswater lake yesterday at Howtown. 

It actually stopped raining too and the sun came out for long enough for me to enjoy Castlerigg stone circle, near Keswick and the incredible views from it over the lakeland fells. As I stood marvelling at how ancient these stone circles are and wondering about how many ceremonies took place on that spot over hundreds of years it struck me as to how the legacy of our ancestors leaves the same imprints for generations to come, only in what may seem invisible ways to those with untrained eyes. 

Science is now backing up with genetics the fact that we contain within our DNA the memories of our ancestors, the impact of all they endured in their lifetime, passed down to us often in quite mysterious unknown ways. How many of us have any idea how much we are being influenced by the unfulfilled desires of our Grandfathers and Grandmothers? Are the inherited diseases we have running in families really just a fate we have to endure, or could it be untangled as easily as discovering the origins of heart problems in a family being tracked back 3 generations? Could the unbearable grief of a Great Grandmother loosing her child to diptheria or TB be the reason for this legacy of heart ache that continues to this day? Family Constellation work would seem to say so.

It never ceases to amaze me as to how powerful the "knowing field", as we call it in the Constellation world, is in revealing what is going on in a family system. It is as if our ancestors are just waiting for an opportunity for us to be open to listen, to see, to hear, to be shown what is out of harmony. And just as effortlessly healing of many generations can take place through this incredible work. We all want to heal, we all know how to come back into balance, however sometimes we get ourselves stuck, something happens and we freeze, and the event becomes crystalized in our bodies and we need a gentle nudge from outside to help us recalibrate.

I am 2 sessions into 10 weeks of Rolfing with a wonderfluly intuitive practitioner Darren Harris ( who's been helping me unravel stuck trauma in my body while I am back in the UK and I was marvelling at the similarity in our work. He comes in via the body and helps unravel the messages hidden in the miofacia, and my approach is via the family soul. I listen to the hidden messages stored in the stories you and your ancestors have to say and help you unravel their secrets. So you can live life free of entanglements with 'stuff' that sometimes wasn't even yours. 

Rolfing session one was all about breathing........session two about grounding and feeling my feet firmly on the ground. Already Darren's spotted my tendency to be tight all along my right this from my own childhood trauma (induced forceps delivery set me up for being cautious in life!) or could I also have been influenced as a child growing up with anxious parents who lived through the Blitz in London during world war 2? Mum rememembered the pattern of the lace table cloth from underneath the shelter of the dinning room table, before her and Nana were evacuated to Dorset to stay with friends. And what about the story of my Dad who had to jump over a wall for cover when a bomb hit a neighbours house on his way home from school. I have no idea of the terror this would have evoked, but maybe my body remembers?

On my constellation training with Francesca Mason Boring a fellow student from Germany set up her constellation with her Grandparents who suffered greatly in WW2 and whom she was deeply entangled with (i.e. a part of her was still trying as a 50 year old woman to soak up their pain and suffering) and my body reacted in ways completely beyond my intellectual comprehension. I couldn't move from my seat, I was internally shaking with a fear I had never felt before and deep in my bones I felt my life was at stake. I've never been more relieved when a constellation ended! Tt was all the proof I needed to know I wasn't someone wandering lonely as a cloud, but a part of a family system that remembered..........

And what, you may ask is the healing balm for transgenerational trauma passed down the generations?..........LOVE! Pure and simple. Love Conquers All and returns everything to harmony.

I hope if you are reading this that you will explore the potential of family constellation work to help heal any disharmony you may be experiencing, and besides that, constellation work will change your perception of 'reality' after experiencing and witnessing some of the other worldy phenomena that can happen spontaneously through this amazing work. Just as effortlessly as my muscles releasing during a Rolfing session and my posture returning to its original perfect blueprint!

Gotta love it - the mystery of life!