The Art of Transformation 10 Week Course

Coming soon for January 2019............ Art of Transformation 10 week Course in GOLDEN

Every Wednesday from January 23rd to 27th March, 2019 in Golden, BC.

This course offers you unique opportunities to learn the tools to transform your life and create inner lasting shifts. Through unique exercises, activities and meditations you will be guided to connect with your own inner resources and learn how to create the life transformations you desire.

Here’s what past participants have to say about The Art of Transformation………….

Isabelle Simard.....“I would absolutely recommend this course....Best 'me' time anyone can give themselves. Liza builds instant trust in the group and she is the most gentle guide. I felt so supported in my journey and i feel healed.”

Cat Gibbs....."For anyone who is ready to open to something a little bit different in their healing process, a bit of mystery perhaps I would definitely recommend this course.....there is definitely something magical about healing in a group. Liza has a quiet strength and wisdom with an incredibly diverse tool box for facilitating healing and inner growth. She has a strong intuitive sense of what might be needed at any given moment by an individual."

Justice Vezina....“Liza! She is an amazing teacher, so kind and gentle but can really dig into the crap that's holding you back in life so you can move forward! Liza was so supportive though out the process of this course and she helped me out so much! 

I'd recommend The Art of Transformation to anyone looking to improve their lives! This course is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who wants to learn, grow and heal. Liza is one of the most beautiful human beings I have ever met. You can tell that she really knows what she is teaching. She is kind, intelligent, patient, selfless, strong and so many more things. Liza is the real deal, she is an amazing teacher/healer.  Yes! Liza can guide you into seeing the things that are holding you back so that you can build a better life for yourself.

The constellation work was seriously ground breaking in this course. I still don't quite understand how it works but it is a powerful healing tool. Participating in the course has not only positively changed my life but it has improved my families life as well! Thank you so much Liza!"

On this course you will discover how to:-

Learn how to create lasting transformation in your life

Release destructive beliefs and old habit patterns

Gain a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment

Live from a place of deep Gratitude

Learn the secrets to manifesting

Relax and live life now, not from some imaginary future

Be led by a sense of wonder and curiosity

Enjoy freedom from anxiety, fear and other life sapping emotions

Experience more creative inspiration, inner peace and harmony

The Course Format :~

The Art of Transformation course will unfold over 10 weeks commencing Wednesday January 23rd to March 27th, 2019 and consisting of the following elements:

Group gatherings (Every Wednesday evening 7-9.30pm) to be held at Liza's home.

Weekly topics include; prayer of intention, changing old beliefs, dealing with emotions, gratitude, constellation work, body, mind, spirit, communing with nature, and final celebration!

Coaching support in the form of email/phone calls providing extra inspiration and should you need extra encouragement, or feel stuck in between session I am available to help support you in your process

Home study exercises to keep the forward momentum and transformational energy flowing

All relevant course materials

Cost is $345

Would you like to embark on an intentional journey of transformation guided gently and expertly along the way? Surprises are guaranteed, along with lots of fun, laughter, and illumination.

What you are looking for, whether it be more joy, happiness, peace or love, already exists inside you.

Winter 2019 dates and details are as follows:

January 23rd to March 27th, 2019
TIME : Weekly on Wednesdays, 7-9:30pm
LOCATION : Liza’s home 605 Golden Donald Upper Road