Space Clearing

Using a blend of skills gathered from lots of modalities and different trainings Liza can clear out unwanted stuck energies in your home.

This work is surprisingly powerful in stimulating change and bringing in new energy to your life where you were previously experiencing blocks and limitations. Liza can assess the nature of the imbalance that is happening in your living space, taking into consideration you yourself as a major factor. After all, our homes are so often a reflection of ourselves; they symbolize us, and can reveal a lot about what is keeping us stuck in life, whether it be literally all the clutter we have hoarded for years and years which is draining our energy and keeping us stuck in the past, or how the layout of our home may be affecting us.

Liza has taken extensive training with Eric Dowsett (Clear Home Clear Heart on clearing negative unwanted energies from spaces and people, as well as learning traditional space clearing techniques from Bali with Karen Kingston (author of Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui) and studied the use of flower essences in creating sacred space and energetic shifts.

These techniques can be especially useful if you are wanting a major change in your life but just don’t seem to be able to manifest it no matter what you do. It can be especially powerful around house selling. Read Liza's article with advice and tips on what you can do to help sell your house fast and effortlessly the same way she did. You will be amazed to read how rapidly things can shift when the energetics are understood and all blocks are removed from creating the reality you want. Liza will also show you how to use law of attraction secrets to pave the way to selling and buying effortlessly. It can even be so much fun!