The Art of Transformation is back!!

Back by popular demand ~ why not dive into some profound and powerful inner work this Fall with my 10 week Art of Transformation course.

I absolutely love hosting this program as I get to watch a small intimate group of brave souls dive into a 10 week adventure together experiencing inner discovery, growth and transformation they would not have believed possible when signing up.

I love to witness trust building, as hearts and souls are bared and the power of loving intention proves its all that is needed to heal as each group member is lovingly held by the group. The incredible healing power of experiencing Oneness, of dissolving ego defenses as Love Conquers All never ceases to amaze me, to humble me as Grace’s presence creates magic and mystery and miracles!

There is a power like nothing else when one or more gather and focus on the intention to positively transform …..these strong prayers of intention create their own momentum which gathers potency as the weeks build on each other. By the end of the 10 weeks I sit back and feel the warm glow of witnessing new friendships being formed, bonds created that will last a lifetime, loneliness being replaced by true community and tribe!

The group of wonderful women who met last Fall continued onto A of T part 2 in the spring and continued to meet all summer long……we are about to dive in to part three Cocooning together!

Come join me on a 10 week adventure!

Justice Vezina....“Liza! She is an amazing teacher, so kind and gentle but can really dig into the crap that's holding you back in life so you can move forward! Liza was so supportive though out the process of this course and she helped me out so much! 

I'd recommend The Art of Transformation to anyone looking to improve their lives! This course is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who wants to learn, grow and heal. Liza is one of the most beautiful human beings I have ever met. You can tell that she really knows what she is teaching. She is kind, intelligent, patient, selfless, strong and so many more things. Liza is the real deal, she is an amazing teacher/healer.  Yes! Liza can guide you into seeing the things that are holding you back so that you can build a better life for yourself.

The constellation work was seriously ground breaking in this course. I still don't quite understand how it works but it is a powerful healing tool. Participating in the course has not only positively changed my life but it has improved my families life as well! Thank you so much Liza!"

Go to my Art of Transformation Course page for more details or call Liza on 250 344 5206 email: