What will my Journey Session be like?

Your journey session will typically last between 2-3 hours depending on the issue you want to deal with and its complexity. Our time will begin by us exploring together, through discussion, what the issue is you would like help with. Getting really clear on what is at the root of your issue is really important and helps focus your prayer of intention on what you would like to be released and healed through your journey process. 

Once this has been established, you will be guided into a deep state of relaxation and meditation where I will then direct you into a guided visualization where you will travel into your body to uncover a place where you have been storing a cellular memory on a physical journey, or on an emotional journey you may dive deeply into the core of old emotions that may rise to the surface, and I will most probably combine both these approaches to create a designer journey especially for you and your issue.

Once you have uncovered a memory you will get a chance to fully empty out with anyone involved with this old memory in the form of a conversation that takes place around a campfire created in the inner planes in this deep place of relaxation, unconditional love and safety. You will release stored cellular memory as you speak to whoever shows up at the imaginary campfire to do with this memory, being given the chance to say all the things that need to be said but haven’t been up until now. So often we have stored up emotions, things we never had the chance to say to that person way back then, maybe we were too afraid, we weren’t listened to back then, or maybe we even said things we regret now, or maybe we were so little and the incident happened when we were alone and we just never told anyone. This is where emotions get trapped on a cellular level and you will be given a chance to say whatever needs to be said giving permission for all these old stored emotions to finally be released. Allowing for forgiveness to come effortlessly and perfectly naturally of its own accord, leaving you bathing in the freedom and lightness that comes from this deep release and forgiveness.

After your process is complete we spend time integrating what happened and I give you ‘self help’ tools to nurture and support yourself over the coming days and weeks as your life shifts to accommodate all the cellular healing that’s taken place.

I provide ongoing support after your process and will contact you in a few days, a week and a full month later in order to celebrate the shifts that have taken place and to provide support as and when you need it.