Fall-ing In

Fall is the time of the Air Element in ancient Ayurvedic tradition and is responsible for the wind that begins to blow within us as our focus shifts from the Fire element of Summer with all it’s outward busy-ness, as we find ourselves drawn mysteriously inwards again and we begin to become aware of an inner restlessness stirring within.

Air and fall are times of preparation and great importance as they begin to stir up the sediment at the bottom of the lake bringing to the surface anything we need to take into the bear like time of introspection of Winter and the Earth element that inevitably follows.

Once I consciously woke up to this natural seasonal flow that was all around me and went on regardless of whether or not I was aware of it, I found I naturally, and effortlessly began to harmonize with it rather than run my old familiar script of going into battle with that unsettled feeling of sadness that Fall brought with it (Why can’t summer holidays last forever Mum? Do I have to go back to school?!) And so I noticed my life process began to flow more effortlessly, and a new richness entered my life. After all what we resists persists and the carefree abandon of summer cannot last forever right?

So for me, now, Fall is a special time ~ a time of endings and harvesting the summer’s bounty and preparing for the start of the new cycle of death to my old self and renewal that I know will surely follow suit. The perfect time to offer you all exciting opportunities, to join me in jumping in to explore with conscious awareness all the treasures waiting to be discovered within your own ‘Fall Inner Stirrings’.

What is beginning to stir within you?

What is the air shaking loose? What are you feeling restless about?

What are your inner winds bringing up for your attention?

I look forward so much to any way I can support you on your life’s path this fall, as the magic of the season begins to make itself known to you.

Wise Compassion

I get Peggy McColl's daily quotes come into my inbox every day and with regularity the synchronistic nature of their messages leaves me speechless and feeling as if held by some invisible universal benevolent force that is looking out for me and guiding me along my path. On fridays she posts a "Friday Story" and to be honest most weeks I don't have time to read them, but the past couple of weeks I have and todays brought tears to my eyes....
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What happens in an EFT session?

Similar to a Journey process, we will begin with discussing what the issue is you would like freedom from.

Once the core of the issue has been identified we will begin the tapping sequence whilst saying out loud words or sentences that relate to your issue, and invoking the emotion or thought or belief that is causing you distress. Usually only one or two rounds of the tapping sequence are enough to release this top layer and commonly what comes up are any more deeply buried layers that have been underlying this issue. We peel away layers one at a time until you are all emptied out and come to a natural place of complete freedom from that issue. This usually only takes an hour to an hour and a half depending on how complex the issue is but this is usually sufficient time to completely root out your issue and leave you bathing in freedom. Once an issue is gone people usually look back over the original problem with either puzzlement or laughter; the emotional charge of an hour ago has literally all gone ~ miraculously.  In all the years of experience doing EFT with clients I have never had anyone come back and say that an emotion, belief, trauma or memory that we tapped away and found emotional freedom from during the session has returned. Once it’s gone its gone! This is what I find so amazing about this technique; once an issue has been cleared it is gone for good, it’s been released from your energy system and you are given emotional freedom from that issue forever.

Sometimes people mistake what can be satellite issues for the old issue coming back, but on deeper exploration it is never the old issue come back, just other layers connected to that original issue coming up for freedom too. Again I am available after a session should you need some support in integrating the changes or should other deeper issues rise to the surface now you have cleared away what was covering them up.

Orders of Love

I've spent the spring and summer training in a new modality I am excited to tell you about called Family Constellations and am now offering this as another service to my clients. I'll use the words of two experienced facilitators in this work to describe what it is to you, no need to re invent the wheel as they do such a good job of putting into words what is so indescribable ~ to 'get it' fully one must experience this work for themselves. Hope you will come dip your toe in with me soon!
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Feeling Abundant!

I'd just like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all those open minded seekers of abundance who felt called to join me on my creating abundance retreat recently. The day was magical......harmony and beauty flowed throught the activities and my heart opened as I stood witness to my masterplan unfolding in ways more amazing than I had anticipated. Mother nature, Pachamama supported everyone so beautifully.....no mosquitos, and sunshine and warmth created a nurturing container through which particpants weaved the use of the five elements of earth, air, fire, water and ether to bring to life the seven spiritual laws of success as laid out by Deepak Chopra. One participant even got to bring the joy of laughter from the belly to the rest of us after beign caught eating some of the contents of the despcho bundle ~ pachamama loves chocolate but it does have a tendecy to melt on the fingers if left outside in the sun for long!!!
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Are there physical effects of Journey work?

Sometimes people do experience physical symptoms of healing in the form of detoxification after releasing old cell memory and this can vary from person to person and depends on what physical condition was created in your body to store old emotions and trauma.

Everyone is different so it’s impossible to predict ahead of time what may happen to you after a journey process. Common detox symptoms that others have experienced do include however; mild flu and cold like symptoms; aches and pains; fever; headaches; digestion upsets; tiredness etc however these usually pass within a couple of days leaving you feeling better than ever before. The body has an amazing ability to self regulate and heal itself, and although these symptoms can be uncomfortable they are an important part of your healing journey and I encourage clients to allow whatever needs to happen to happen. I give advice to people on how they can support their bodies and speed up this detoxification process if it occurs and encourage clients to contact me if this should occur so as I can provide support.

Recipe for Clearing Old Stuck Energy

Here's a fantastic quick recipe for clearing out old, stuck or heavy energy from a room or your whole house. 

Take a clean empty spray bottle and fill with water, add a couple of drops of the following essential oils - Lavendar, Geranium, and Grapefruit - give it a shake and it's ready to go!

Just had a big arguement with your hubby or kids and the energy is sitting like a heavy cloud in the room?....give it a spray with this combination (and the hubby/kids!) and it will break up the negative energy and you will feel uplifted in minutes.

It's also a lovely way to add a finishing touch to a spring clean. Or you can even add a couple of drops to a can of paint for an extra energetic boost to a room that is getting a makeover. 


What will my Journey Session be like?

Your journey session will typically last between 2-3 hours depending on the issue you want to deal with and its complexity. Our time will begin by us exploring together, through discussion, what the issue is you would like help with. Getting really clear on what is at the root of your issue is really important and helps focus your prayer of intention on what you would like to be released and healed through your journey process. 

Once this has been established, you will be guided into a deep state of relaxation and meditation where I will then direct you into a guided visualization where you will travel into your body to uncover a place where you have been storing a cellular memory on a physical journey, or on an emotional journey you may dive deeply into the core of old emotions that may rise to the surface, and I will most probably combine both these approaches to create a designer journey especially for you and your issue.

Once you have uncovered a memory you will get a chance to fully empty out with anyone involved with this old memory in the form of a conversation that takes place around a campfire created in the inner planes in this deep place of relaxation, unconditional love and safety. You will release stored cellular memory as you speak to whoever shows up at the imaginary campfire to do with this memory, being given the chance to say all the things that need to be said but haven’t been up until now. So often we have stored up emotions, things we never had the chance to say to that person way back then, maybe we were too afraid, we weren’t listened to back then, or maybe we even said things we regret now, or maybe we were so little and the incident happened when we were alone and we just never told anyone. This is where emotions get trapped on a cellular level and you will be given a chance to say whatever needs to be said giving permission for all these old stored emotions to finally be released. Allowing for forgiveness to come effortlessly and perfectly naturally of its own accord, leaving you bathing in the freedom and lightness that comes from this deep release and forgiveness.

After your process is complete we spend time integrating what happened and I give you ‘self help’ tools to nurture and support yourself over the coming days and weeks as your life shifts to accommodate all the cellular healing that’s taken place.

I provide ongoing support after your process and will contact you in a few days, a week and a full month later in order to celebrate the shifts that have taken place and to provide support as and when you need it.