Art Of Transformation.......are you game?

So last winter a brave group of 7 amazing women gathered in Invermere to embark on a 10 week journey of transformation together with me! Always in awe of people's trust in me, and trust in whatever divine guidance within them draws them to sign up for my course, I excitedly anticipated the magic that I knew would unfold! And indeed it did!

I've run this course 6 times now, with 6 different groups of people and it just keeps on getting yet more and more powerful. I guess it has something to do with the morphic field (Rupert Sheldrake) which each prior participant helps to make even stronger, but from the first evening of this last A of T I just knew the transformations would be tremendous. These brave heroic women dived in deeper than ever before from the very first evening, sharing so deeply with each other it even took them aback! What I love so much about facilitating this course is how readily we are to open our hearts, when a sacred safe space is created, and to genuinely want to support the growth and healing in each other.

As a workshop junkie myself for many years I am no stranger to the strange synchronistic phenomena that takes place when one or more are gathered with like minded intent to heal. Almost miraculously another participant holds up the perfect mirror to reflect to us the very same issue we are grappling with, or to speak the the sharing circle many words of wisdom from the heart are shared mysteriously helping another.........

And we all held each other through the inevitably painful process of shedding old skins and rebirthing into the new! None so profound or intense as one courageous young woman Justice Vezina who has given me permission to share her story and experience of transformation with you below.......

I never cease to be humbled by the strength of spirit and ability we have to survive adversity and not only that but to strive to THRIVE! Justice joined one of many children who had to endure her parents painfully divorcing and it drove her to find relief in the intense feelings in drugs and alcohol at the tender age of 13. Ever since she battled low self esteem and had sadly been in rehab a few times. As an alcoholic she knew how serious her binges were when she fell off the wagon. Which she did after one evening at A of T when the topic of self love and body image were discussed. This tender topic popped open everyone in the group one by one, like popcorn POP, POP, POP! and emotions were raw and exposed. Tears flowed and we all united in the sad state of much women struggle to love and nurture their bodies and self image.

I knew to check in with Justice next day, however sadly I was not quick enough to head off at the pass a drinking binge......Justice was already in hospital when I got a hold of her. Just new to Invermere and with no family or long term friends around she was scared and alone. 

I take my responsibility to hold space for each course participant VERY seriously so with a bit of gentle persuasion Justice agreed to me hopping in the car and zooming to the hospital. Where I witnessed all that is wrong in our shaming our culture is towards people overwhelmed with life, with emotions too big for them to contain or process on their own and who turn to other means of numbing and coping. I found Justice behind a curtain in a lonely hospital bed....and my heart bled for her. How she needed love, non judgment and above all else compassion and empathy. My heart opened to this brave young woman as she told me her story.........

I have always believed love conquers all and indeed it did that day.......she began what was to be a week of transformation almost beyond belief, and beyond her wildest dreams! I drove her to a detox house in Cranbrook where she bravely dried out and was able to rejoin our group the next Friday night where we used a powerful group process to transform deep family entanglements for and with each other. It involved role play but goes way beyond this and the evening was full of phenomenal synchronicity where everyone let go of old baggage that had been holding them back for a very long time.........

Justice let go of feeling responsible for her Dad, and handed back to her Mom symbolically the torch of alcoholism. She was lovingly supported by the rest of the group. She literally looked different the following Friday as did all the group.So much so we all commented on it in amazement!

I am delighted to say Justice flew home the week after the course finished and has been sober ever since! Here's her own words to describe her experience of transformation.......

Maybe it will inspire you to dive in............Art of Transformation in Golden begins 17th October and in Invermere 19th October!

Justice :~  "I knew the course was something that I had to take.

Going though The Art of Transformation has helped me understand and manage my addictions. I feel more grounded and better able to love myself after taking this course! 

I loved how we all got to chose our own personal intention to work with throughout the 7 week workshop. This intention is a beautiful, positive thing that I will always carry with me. I liked that every week was different and that we were supported in a group of people who were all working towards transforming something in their lives.  

I've grown a lot as a person. My relationships with my parents and with myself are much healthier. Taking this course was an investment in myself and it was so very worth it. I didn't know what I was getting into but a transformation has truly taken place in my life. I totally fell apart taking this course but Liza helped me put all my pieces back together and now my life is truly better than ever!

Liza! She is an amazing teacher, so kind and gentle but can really dig into the crap that's holding you back in life so you can move forward! Liza was so supportive though out the process of this course and she helped me out so much! 

I'd recommend The Art of Transformation to anyone looking to improve their lives! This course is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who wants to learn, grow and heal. Liza is one of the most beautiful human beings I have ever met. You can tell that she really knows what she is teaching. She is kind, intelligent, patient, selfless, strong and so many more things. Liza is the real deal, she is an amazing teacher/healer.  Yes! Liza can guide you into seeing the things that are holding you back so that you can build a better life for yourself.

The constellation work was seriously ground breaking in this course. I still don't quite understand how it works but it is a powerful healing tool. Participating in the course has not only positively changed my life but it has improved my families life as well! Thank you so much Liza!"

UPDATE JULY 6 months on........

"Hi Liza

So it's been 5 months already since I took the Art of Transformation course! I am really so thankful that I found you and took part in this healing program. I'm still flabbergasted about the constellation work! It was so amazing, I'm still feeling the effects and it has truly helped me so much. You're such an amazing women and I hope everything is going great for you in the mountains πŸ’— πŸ’— πŸ’— Manitoba is treating me well and I'm doing really awesome. I've been sober since the program and mostly succeeding in a healthy lifestyle 😊 I am heading down to Costa Rica in November to get my Yoga Teacher Training, so I'm very excited.  Well anyway, just wanted to say Thank you so much again from the bottom of my heart, people like you make this world so much brighter.

Thank you thank you thank you

Peace and Love