The healing quality of presence

I truly believe that we all already have within us everything we need to heal, grow and transform ourselves. All we need sometimes (when we forget this) is to simply be reminded of what we already know, to be gently guided back into alignment and reconnection with our own inner wisdom and self healing abilities.

For many years now I’ve been fascinated by and passionate about discovering what exactly is the nature of an optimum environment within which one can heal. The obvious is one where the client feels accepted and held in an embrace of love, compassion and trust. And beyond this, I also believe that at the heart of all healing lies a mysterious process involving the magical interaction between practitioner and client. As Carl Yung said “it is what you are that heals, not what you do” and if all my study thus far points to one quality above all others, it is the quality of presence, the state of beingness that emanates from those who have the true gift of healing. I believe it is this quality of presence, or enlightenment that creates the spontaneous shifts in consciousness within us when we are around such evolved beings. For me personally listening to my teachers Brandon Bays and Gangaji speak their words of profound wisdom is like a healing balm for me. It triggers a shift in consciousness that goes way beyond the mere words they utter.

For me healing is becoming aware of who we really are, of opening to the internal presence that is our own true nature. When we let go of all resistances, of all that is untrue and false and that has obscured us from this truth healing tends to occur quite effortlessly and naturally all by itself - as if by magic.

This returning home to the truth of who we really are, this unconditional love, this munay that resides within us all,  brings with it the gifts of deep peace, joy and freedom. Isn’t it so true that when we reside in this place of love and joy our hearts are naturally opened wide in an attitude of respect and appreciation for everyone and everything, and it is from this place that we naturally desire to tread more lightly on this earth,  to live from a place of respectfulness.  My wish is for peace in your hearts today and all days.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti