Emotions - The Gateway to Healing

Many of us view our emotions as a hassle, an obstacle to be wrestled with, to go into battle with. But what if they offer a greater possibility? What if emotions provide the gateway into our very own essence; a doorway into enlightenment even? Now that's a new perspective that’s worth exploring, right?

What if our emotions are actually our own essence crying out to us, inviting us to come back home to ourselves? What if they are the vehicle to carry us back into the love and wisdom that is the best part of ourselves? What if the enlightenment you are seeking is right here, right now, in the very core of your worst emotions?

Brandon Bays talks about a life changing experience she had in the early 1990's whilst with one of her enlightened teachers. It went on to form the basis of the mind-body therapeutic healing work for which The Journey™ has become renowned worldwide. I’d like to share it with you here.

On answering a question from a woman about what to do with unwanted emotions the enlightened teacher simply advised her "do not move, stay completely still" if you stay still and open right into the core of any emotion you are feeling, there you will find the peace you are seeking. Peace is waiting right in the very heart of your torment. Stay still and discover what remains when all anguish and torment has been welcomed”. Brandon watched the woman drop through layers of emotion and hit what looked like complete and utter fear of annihilation, which she eventually surrendered to and then the most extraordinary unexpected thing happened. Brandon watched as peace swept over the woman’s face and she began to weep. She'd found the peace that exists right in the heart of everything. Brandon was baffled! After all, hadn't we been conditioned to run away from emotions, to overcome them, and control them ~ but never to go directly into the heart of them? She decided to give it a go herself and discovered that in the very core of any contractive emotion is indeed the very liberation and peace we seek. We just need to be fully present to it and to let go of the story. When we let emotions just pass through us, we find ourselves opening into a peace, a grace that is omnipresent and always there beneath our emotions, our story, waiting to welcome us home.

Is it time to befriend your emotions? Is it time to come home? Would you like the key to unlock the infinite within you?

The role of a Journey™ Practitioner is to skillfully guide you through and past any fear, struggle or resistance that naturally comes up when we step beyond the ego and go into those scary emotions. The ego, or monkey mind, loves to have something to struggle with and likes to create a story, which we can get attached to like our life depends upon it. As practitioner, my role is to encourage you to drop the story and dive right into the heart of whatever emotion is here and to relax and surrender to it fully. If it’s peace you seek; are you ready to dive in?

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