What happens in an EFT session?

Similar to a Journey process, we will begin with discussing what the issue is you would like freedom from.

Once the core of the issue has been identified we will begin the tapping sequence whilst saying out loud words or sentences that relate to your issue, and invoking the emotion or thought or belief that is causing you distress. Usually only one or two rounds of the tapping sequence are enough to release this top layer and commonly what comes up are any more deeply buried layers that have been underlying this issue. We peel away layers one at a time until you are all emptied out and come to a natural place of complete freedom from that issue. This usually only takes an hour to an hour and a half depending on how complex the issue is but this is usually sufficient time to completely root out your issue and leave you bathing in freedom. Once an issue is gone people usually look back over the original problem with either puzzlement or laughter; the emotional charge of an hour ago has literally all gone ~ miraculously.  In all the years of experience doing EFT with clients I have never had anyone come back and say that an emotion, belief, trauma or memory that we tapped away and found emotional freedom from during the session has returned. Once it’s gone its gone! This is what I find so amazing about this technique; once an issue has been cleared it is gone for good, it’s been released from your energy system and you are given emotional freedom from that issue forever.

Sometimes people mistake what can be satellite issues for the old issue coming back, but on deeper exploration it is never the old issue come back, just other layers connected to that original issue coming up for freedom too. Again I am available after a session should you need some support in integrating the changes or should other deeper issues rise to the surface now you have cleared away what was covering them up.