Science of Cellular Healing

Did you know the lining of our stomach completely renews itself every 2-3 days. Our eye cells take only 2 days to regenerate completely so every two days we are literally seeing with brand new eyes! And our liver cells renew completely every 6-7 weeks!

And it’s all to do with cell replication! It’s also the reason why a suntan fades in 2-3 weeks, the time it takes for our skin cells to divide, for the old cells to fade away and the new cells to take over. The fascinating thing about cell replication is that as the cell divides the new cell takes all the memory, or information of the old cell with it.

So, why then do we not regenerate new healthy cells and free ourselves of conditions such as liver cancer and other degenerative diseases? If after all, the liver completely renews itself after 6-7 weeks, and our eye cells in just 2 days. M.D. Deepak Chopra author of Quantum Healing and many other amazing cutting edge books explains why in his groundbreaking work. He explains that the ‘cell memory’ whether it is healthy or diseased is carried and passed onto each new generation of cells. For example in the case of cancer the new cells pass on the degenerative cancer message through cell memory. Once this cell memory is released, however, the cell is given the message to return to its normal healthy state and this actually explains how physical conditions often spontaneously heal, sometimes overnight.

So why is it that our cells get diseased in the first place? Dr Candace Pert a well-known molecular biologist and author of the best selling book “Molecules of Emotion” discovered unequivocally the answer to this mystery. She studied the direct effect that repressed emotions have on our cells. Our cells have what are called ‘cell receptor sites’ which, in simplified terms, you can imagine are a bit like little keyholes in each cell that allow the brain to communicate with each cell instructing it on how to stay healthy and synchronized. The brain produces chemical messengers called neuropeptides which travel through the body and are the keys that fit into these cell receptor keyholes ~ thus unlocking communication. This is how mind-body communication takes place.

In this way the body-mind takes care of itself, as long as what is happening to us isn’t too much to handle. When we experience intense & overwhelmingly powerful emotions however, the body can become flooded with chemical neuropeptides and these can jam the cell receptor sites, effectively blocking the cells from communicating with other cells in our body. Usually once the alarm, stress or fight and flight response has passed we calm down and our brain can send messages to the cells that the danger has passed and we can return to a healthy harmonious calm state of being. If however, these cell receptors remain blocked over a long period of time (from chronic states of stress, fear, anxiety, depression, anger, grief etc) there is an ever-increasing likelihood of disease manifesting in the part of the body where the cell receptors are chronically blocked.

In this way suppressed emotions literally get locked into our bodies on a cellular level and as science has discovered there is a direct correlation between our emotions, how easily we express them and how healthy our body is. Science now knows what happens, but as yet doesn’t have any repeatable effective method to unblock cell receptor sites that are jammed up and creating disease. New Energy Medicine techniques do however!

As Brandon Bays discovered on her remarkable healing journey the key to cellular healing lies within our emotions - they are the gateway to re-opening jammed up cell receptor sites so as the correct healthy messages can once again be communicated to the cells and the body-mind can return to wholeness, harmony and health and the emotions can return to peace, joy and love, our natural state of being.

As suppressed emotions start to flow again, cell receptor sites are unblocked and cellular memory is released. As outlined by Don Caldbear in his book ‘Deadly Emotions” our emotions can literally heal or destroy us. He has discovered that on a level of mind-body connection for example anger and hostility leads to hypertension and coronary heart disease; resentment and bitterness creates cancers; unforgiveness and self hatred leads to auto immune problems such as MS, Lupus & rheumatism; and anxiety creates IBS and panic attacks. Adding to this, Bruce Lipton in “Biology of Belief” discusses the effects our emotions, thoughts and the beliefs we hold have in creating our reality. If we think angry thoughts what are we going to meet in life? Angry people getting in our way! If we believe life is hard - guess what we meet in life? Hardship and struggle! These (often hidden) beliefs, old suppressed memories and traumas act like silent saboteurs and are responsible for stopping you achieving all you want to in life. The Journey and EFT both get access to these silent saboteurs, these old buried emotions and cell memories and clear them out so that your mind body and spirit can return to harmony organically and your health is no longer compromised.