What Is Holistic Coaching?

A holistic approach to life coaching differs from other forms of coaching in that its’ main focus is in looking at how the emotional & mental, physical and spiritual aspects of an individual all come together to influence and make a whole. At Munay Holistics Liza’s approach is to find integrative solutions that address issues that are detrimentally affecting your mind, body and spirit ~ to find your path to wholeness. Holistic coaching recognizes how powerfully one aspect of our being affects the other and that so often solutions will only work when a problem is addressed on all three levels. We all know that when our spirits are low and our emotions are all awry, our physical energy levels are down and our thinking is muddled. A Holistic coaching approach focuses on finding integrative solutions that address issues that are detrimentally affecting your mind, body and spirit. 

Take Beth for example, despite her taking medication from her doctor, her migraines weren’t easing and it wasn’t helping her to cope with the big decisions she was facing about how unhappy she was in her relationship. A simple symptomatic approach to Beth’s physical problems doesn’t take into consideration what is going on in her emotional and spiritual life. Prescribing medications for her migraines in isolation may give Beth some temporary relief however it doesn’t get to the cause of the problem. An integrative approach to Beth’s migraines takes into consideration all that is going on for her in her life. The root of her migraines is quite likely linked to stress over her inner dilemma and unhappiness around her relationship and what she should do. Inner frustration and anger puts a stress on her liver, causing her migraines to flare up.

A more holistic approach helps Beth explore the root of her unhappiness, helps her look at and clear out any old scripts and beliefs that may be impacting on her relationship and preventing her from finding the right solution. Methods to help her deal with stress result in her feeling less overwhelmed and natural remedies to support her liver start to reduce her stress levels resulting in less migraine attacks. From this place she can explore her next step having made the inner connections between her mind, body and spirit - she can now follow her heart. Through Journeywork and EFT Beth discovers old beliefs she took on about her being unlovable when her Dad left home when she was 6 years old. She realizes she has been subconsciously pushing her boyfriend away, expecting that he too will abandon her at some point. With this old pain from childhood flushed out Beth now can let in and recognize the love that her boyfriend has had for her all along and her relationship transforms into one of happiness. Her migraines vanish completely. What began as a confusing mess is transmuted into an enriching life experience.

A holistic approach to life coaching can provide you with the tools and assistance to deal with challenging life issues to create a more fulfilling, rewarding and enriching life.

  • Feel free and liberated from stuck emotions
  • Improve relationships with self and others
  • Get past old limitations and blocks
  • Get to the root of an issue for once and for all
  • Take the step towards manifesting your lifelong dreams
  • Bathe in joy, freedom, and the truth of who you really are
  • Gain a set of tools you can use for life
  • Experience increased energy and vitality
  • Discover your very own unique mind-body communication system and learn how to listen to it
  • Learn to love yourself and overcome emotional struggles
  • Nurture and heal your body
  • Experience lasting shifts fast
  • Return to radiant health
  • Learn effective, simple ways to reprogram your mind, body & spirit for health and wellness
  • Increase self-awareness and enhance spiritual development

How long until Health and Wellness?

When we're unwell, many of us ask this simple question: How long will it take for me to return to health and wellness? Everyone is an individual and we all have very different personality types and approaches to life.

As a general rule of thumb the more dynamic a person you are, the more motivated and less afraid of emotional catharsis you are then the faster you will experience changes and shifts towards the health and wellness you desire. The longer you have had a physical condition or been suffering from emotional difficulties the longer it will take for you to return to health and wellness - simply because all the habitual patterns of behavior, thought, beliefs, along with stuck emotions, become more and more entrenched over time and will need more time to peel away. My approach is to be guided by you, the client - this is your healing journey and it needs to be at a pace that you are comfortable with. My philosophy is the opposite of no pain no gain! So often the reason why we have created disease in our bodies or are suffering from emotional conflict is to protect ourselves in someway from something or some life experience that has been too harsh, painful and overwhelming so it is vitally important that as we are taking steps to heal old wounds we be very gentle and respectful towards the old armoring that has just been trying to protect us. The more gently we can go the better and you will be the best judge of the pace you need. My role is just to facilitate your healing journey, to support and encourage you and shine the light on the truth of who you really are. 

What happens in an EFT session?

Similar to a Journey process, we will begin with discussing what the issue is you would like freedom from.

Once the core of the issue has been identified we will begin the tapping sequence whilst saying out loud words or sentences that relate to your issue, and invoking the emotion or thought or belief that is causing you distress. Usually only one or two rounds of the tapping sequence are enough to release this top layer and commonly what comes up are any more deeply buried layers that have been underlying this issue. We peel away layers one at a time until you are all emptied out and come to a natural place of complete freedom from that issue. This usually only takes an hour to an hour and a half depending on how complex the issue is but this is usually sufficient time to completely root out your issue and leave you bathing in freedom. Once an issue is gone people usually look back over the original problem with either puzzlement or laughter; the emotional charge of an hour ago has literally all gone ~ miraculously.  In all the years of experience doing EFT with clients I have never had anyone come back and say that an emotion, belief, trauma or memory that we tapped away and found emotional freedom from during the session has returned. Once it’s gone its gone! This is what I find so amazing about this technique; once an issue has been cleared it is gone for good, it’s been released from your energy system and you are given emotional freedom from that issue forever.

Sometimes people mistake what can be satellite issues for the old issue coming back, but on deeper exploration it is never the old issue come back, just other layers connected to that original issue coming up for freedom too. Again I am available after a session should you need some support in integrating the changes or should other deeper issues rise to the surface now you have cleared away what was covering them up.

Are there physical effects of Journey work?

Sometimes people do experience physical symptoms of healing in the form of detoxification after releasing old cell memory and this can vary from person to person and depends on what physical condition was created in your body to store old emotions and trauma.

Everyone is different so it’s impossible to predict ahead of time what may happen to you after a journey process. Common detox symptoms that others have experienced do include however; mild flu and cold like symptoms; aches and pains; fever; headaches; digestion upsets; tiredness etc however these usually pass within a couple of days leaving you feeling better than ever before. The body has an amazing ability to self regulate and heal itself, and although these symptoms can be uncomfortable they are an important part of your healing journey and I encourage clients to allow whatever needs to happen to happen. I give advice to people on how they can support their bodies and speed up this detoxification process if it occurs and encourage clients to contact me if this should occur so as I can provide support.