Accident Trauma Removed with EFT

Barbara came to see me 7 weeks after her terrible accident at the local ski hill when she lacerated her liver, punctured a lung and broke ribs after hitting a tree at high speed. Her major injuries had healed but she was still suffering from scar tissue preventing her from taking a full breath, was physically and emotionally exhausted and hadn't been sleeping well at all. 

When she walked slowly into my office the first thing that hit me immediately was that she was still in shock. She was holding herself in a very guarded protective manner and it was obvious to me her whole body was still vibrating with the frequency of shock and trauma. There is an immense energy of vulnerability and fragility that radiates from a person who is traumatized and so often this trauma gets locked into the body in a frozen response which continues until the orginal tramatic event can be released. 

My homeopathic training taught me to always look for the root cause of whatever a person presents with symptom wise. For Barbara the trauma was obvious....made worse by the necessary medical intervention she had experienced in the aftermath of her accident. Morphine for pain control, x rays, cat scan, chest tube, antibiotics and 3 days of being strapped to a hard board (very claustrophobic) all added to the tramatic load on her mind, body and spirit. 

She described her nervous system as "jangling" and she felt unusually insecure and needy. Normally able to sleep well she had been having trouble falling asleep and then once asleep she was waking lots. Her appetite was not back either "nothimg tasted right". 

Where to start? prescribing homeopathic remedy arnica for physical trauma and aconite for emotional shock. Thios was given to dissolve scar tissue and pulsatilla, nux vom and chelidonium were given to support her liver both in its recovery from the trauma and to help with detoxing from all the meds. I also gave her coffea, passiflora and valerian in homeopathic potency to help soothe her nervous system and help restore her sleep.

But before she left I was keen to release some of her original trauma using EFT. The emotional freedom technique has had remarkable results with vietnam war veterians suffering from PTSD flushing out 30 years of flashbacks where nothing else had helped. Using a technique called rolling back the camera I asked Barbara to recall what she remembered just prior to the accident and to let me know as soon as she noticed any emotional charge. We then did a round of tapping (tapping on specific meridian points whilst focusing on the emotion or thought) on each layer of emotion that she recalled. It was astonishing to see how many layers of intense emotion were literally packed into what could only have been seconds from the point where she realised something bad was going to happen to when she hit the tree. Evidence that time does indeed slow down at times of extreme truama. One after the other we peeled away the layers.....fear, helplessness, vulnerabilty to name but a few. We kept on going until she was completely emptied out, until she could recall those few moments without any emotional charge at all. She felt exhausted and tired but in a different way to since the accident. It takes an awful lot of energy to contain so much trauma and once we'd given her mind body and spirit permission to switch off the fight and flight button she could finally begin to let go and relax. I had a feeling she was going to sleep really really well that night.

A few days later I was astonished to almost completely walk past her in the street ~ I didn't recognise her as the same person who slowly shuffled into my office! She was looking bright eyed and bushy tailed and was walking with a relaxed posture and a big smile on her face! The shock and trauma had completely gone. She reported having gone home and gone straight to bed and slept like a log all night long! Yeah!! And in the days that followed she really felt she was finally turning the corner and more like her old self again. Her sleep had improved and she no longer felt she needed to guard and protect her body anymore. She was delighted.

It was my turn to be in shock!!! And happy to be so impressed with how effective EFT is in removing old trauma for people fast and permanently.

(Many thanks to Barbara Ulrich who gave me permission to share her success story with you) 

Pain released after 40 years

The following was written by Laurel B, a Munay Holistics client. 

The Journey -  a powerful process that is helping me survive the loss of my old life and leading me towards a new one.  I am not through the tunnel yet.

My life seemed perfect as 2011 began:  what I thought was a perfect marriage, loving husband, beautiful child, successful career.   

True – I have always had emotional problems and struggled with anxiety, worry, and an unexplainable apprehension.   But I recognized how lucky I was to have such a loving family, financial security, and good health.  And spring 2011 was very happy.  Then things began to shift.  Messengers of change and light began appearing in my life, childhood losses and pain began to surface, and my emotional state began to change.  Tears were a constant part of my consciousness.   I tried the journey as an academic experiment, as one of many attempts to understand what was happening.

The first journey brought me to the core of anger from my childhood, at the injustices of childhood prejudice and intimidation and bullying that had shaped my fear of the world and my low self esteem.   The next day I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from me, but the tears remained.  Anger began to surface and move through me as if my entire world was falling to pieces, but I couldn’t explain why.  4 days later I caught my husband of 14 years in an affair.  He turned physically and emotionally abusive, and left our home.  The next few months my emotional state worsened in an odd way.  Rather than anger at my husband, I felt an overwhelming panic and fear, hysteria at the thought of him being gone.  Having grown up without a father, I was consciously completely comfortable with the “one parent” home, and couldn’t understand where the panic was coming from. 

When I reached a point of being unable to control the hysteria I went to try another Journey,  desperate to find a solution.     

What happened was unexpected and almost beyond verbal description.  The abandonment of my husband became the death of my father when I was 6 years old.  I lived the panic, the hysteria that I did not express as a child, held in safety by my Journey mentor and Loving Spirit Liza.   My father was released from the binds that had held him here for 40 years.  I said goodbye.  

The panic, fear, hysteria disappeared instantaneously.  The gloom and shadow that has covered me my entire life is no longer here.   Now all I feel is the appropriate grief and sadness at the loss of my husband and marriage.  Even the desperate financial situation is causing only minor concern.  Happiness hasn’t arrived in my life, not yet.  But I am now walking through a perfectly explainable grief pattern experiencing appropriate reactions and clarity of emotions.

With each successive Journey old tragedies and wounds are being healed and I am awakening to realize that there is a beautiful future in store for me.  

I don’t think that there is a way to predict what you will uncover during a Journey into the inner place in your body and soul – but the pure love that exists there can be trusted to heal you and set you on a path to the beautiful life you were created to live.