Inca Sacred Ceremony

I trained as a Mesa Carrier in the Peruvian Inca Shamanic Tradition, as taught by Alberto Vilaldo and the Four Winds Society. One of the ceremonies I have been initiated into is that of the sacred Fire Ceremony - which I adore and have a deep affinity with.

Calling on the element of fire to assist in transformation has quick results and immediately allows us to step out of the ordinary and into the place of ceremony, magic, and the sacred. I love to share this ancient and powerful tool for transformation with other people by offering one on one private ceremonies as well as occasional full moon group fire ceremonies at my home.

Fire ceremonies are traditionally held on or around full moon and are used for purification, release, and the offering of prayers. As each person brings their offering privately to the fire, they also bring their prayers of honoring and a desire to come into right relationship with their world. As their prayers burn they bring the energy of their offering into their body to feed and cleanse them. If you would like to join me in calling on the element of fire to assist us in shifting, releasing, and renewing, contact me about when I'll next be conducting a traditional fire ceremony on the night of the full moon. All are very welcome to join us as we drum and rattle and call in the spirit of Fire to bless, cleanse and purify us and allow us to open to the place of the soul.

Private shamanic consultations are also available on request using shamanic journeying, fire ceremony, and despacho ceremony for release and manifestation of prayers. These are powerful ways to clear stuck energy, create manifestation of prayers for abundance, healing and to create more harmony in relationships. Contact me to arrange individual sessions and for information on pricing.